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Fix JBPAPP-482: Curtail logging for com.arjuna and org.hibernate

Corrected deployment errors by ensuring Homes return Remote/Local interfaces, and Remote/Local interfaces extend EJBObject/EJBLocalObject
Corrected "homeinterface" test to conform to spec (Homes must return remote/local interfaces, not business interfaces)
JBAS-4506: fixed AnnotationEjb3UnitTestCase.testBeans
JBAS-4506: fixes for empty local & remote and EJB 2.1 view
SECURITY-99: update version to 2.0.2.beta
SECURITY-99: update version to 2.0.2.beta
SECURITY-98: take into consideration suspendResume
Run the AOP scoped tests in their own copies of all so we don't override the server.log of the main tests
Corrected Defining classloaders chapter.
Added Defining classloaders chapter.
create mcf metadata based on the value of datasource-type property from the template info
Rename InvocationHandlerJSE
Rename InvocationHandlers
[JBCTS-705][JBCTS-726] Bug Fixes for proper handling/definitions of 3.0 and 2.1 Views
Updated to new snapshot of metadata
EJBTHREE-1067: Fixed NPE
EJBTHREE-1149: allowing declared methods of super classes as well
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EJBTHREE-1016: added toString
Ensured ejbcontext tests adhere to EJB3 Core Spec 4.6.8 Bullet 4 by adding "create" methods to the 2.1 Homes
A module cannot have a description
Correct the application root element mapping
Add a test of an application.xml without a doctype
translation finished
Update jacc config max memory
Fix the source path for jboss-messaging.jar
Remove the faile("FIXME") as this test is not hanging any longer
[EJBTHREE-1019] modified tests for new 2.1 view
Add a unmanaged resolvedJndiName