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split tests for SecurityAssociation and security client
Added rest of content for Configuring POJOs chapter.
use the SecurityClient interface in addition. Upgrade Security SPI to 2.0.2.Beta1 to take care of a minor bug
[JBAS-4548] - Typo
[JBAS-4548] - This test shutdowns hypersonic, breaking subsequent tests
Fix the broken port of the cts project build
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag 2.0.2.Beta1
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.2.Beta1
EJBTHREE-1016: improved error message
Added Configuring POJOs and Using annotations chapters.
add release plugin
change versions to SNAPSHOT again
Clear the desires
[EJBTHREE-1019] calling local proxies remotely
JBPAPP-497 - Upgrade JBossWeb to 2.0.0.GA_CP05
[EJBTHREE-1019] calling local proxies remotely
[EJBTHREE-1019] calling local proxies remotely
Removed legacy annotations package from Core
[EJBTHREE-1156] Removed invalidated issue
[EJBTHREE-1019] disabled test until binding service works
[EJBTHREE-1157] Oops, Stateless Homes must not have more than 1 create method, not 0.
Break clusteredsession-test.jar into smaller jars to speed deployments and reduce deployment noise
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Avoid NPEs if cleanup() is called when state isn't ready
Fix the DRM and DS injection
Avoid NPEs if stop gets called before start is done

[EJBTHREE-1136] Clean bean region before activating it

[EJBTHREE-1136] properly inject cache, use region name that trunk generates
[EJBTHREE-1136] Use the correct JBC 2.x API in trunk test
Add nonconcurrent stacks for temporary JBM usage

Use MPING in tcp stacks

Minor cleanups