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Upgrade to Cache 1.4.1.SP8.pathc01 to fix JBCACHE-1246
ignore build.log
Upgrade to Cache 1.4.1.SP8.pathc01 to fix JBCACHE-1246
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Mock @JMX test case.
scout, juddi version changes
remove reference to jboss.jaxr.classpath
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remove reference to jboss.jaxr.classpath
Now also some Map + generics form of table type is supported.
Completed Adding deployment behaviour chapter.
Install jboss-juddi-2.0.0.RC5
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Install jboss-juddi-2.0.0.RC5
Add jboss-juddi
Release jboss-juddi-2.0.0.RC5
added @ManagementObject
Update scout, juddi
Added first 2 secions of Adding deployment behaviour chapter.
[EJBTHREE-1168] Renamed @Local to @ProducerLocal
[EJBTHREE-1167] Added defaults for @Clustered annotation before resolving API Leak
[EJBTHREE-1164][EJBTHREE-1168] Moved annotation impls into ejb3-impl; renamed LocalImpl to ProducerLocalImpl to avoid naming conflicts
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Updated dependency on EJB3 External API to 0.1.3-SNAPSHOT
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new changes
Delete old wip
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Use jboss-system-4.2.1.GA
Minor changes
Update jboss/microcontainer to version 2.0.0.Beta9
Update stats test to validate statistic managed properties exist
Traverse child ManagedDeployments when processing ManagedObjects
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag 2.0.0.Beta9
  1. /projects/microcontainer/tags/2.0.0.Beta9