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[ASPATCH-329] Transaction timeout is not raising a JMSException in the JBossMQ Persistence manager or StateManager
[JBAOP-498] Created a task to generate a public api documentation (where only the classes that users should know about are present), and added comments to some classes.
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Add more trace logging about why a class loader indexed by package cannot find a class.
Simple refactoring.
Simple refactoring.
Simple refactoring.
Fix parent.
Trace log.
toString info.
Msg fix.
ForceNoCopy system property.
Making JarEntryContents hierarchy aware.
[JBAOP-497] Bug fixed.
Find child for entry is directory, using parent.
Remove last slash on entry directory.
Trace log for ignored metafile search.
Check trace.
SECURITY-89: Initial implementation of the ACL SPI, along with some test cases.

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Added the acl module to the assembly files.

Added a factory method to create identities.

SECURITY-89: Updated some SPI interfaces, adding auxiliary methods and correcting comments. Also included the acl module to assembly/source.xml and assembly/bin.xml so that it is added to the SPI aggregator.

Trace log.
If indent.
NPE on empty contents.
Right entry name.
Fix null vfs url and getChild for empty path.
Use delegating handler.