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branch for Embedded JBoss Beta3
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Re-tag EAP 4.3.0.GA
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Prepare to re-tag
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fix the version
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Changed jnpserver dependency version from SNAPSHOT to Beta3.

Use Brew-built native42; Use Brew-built Cache 1.4.1.SP8.patch02
Use Brew-built Cache 1.4.1.SP8.patch02
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[ASPATCH-329] Transaction timeout is not raising a JMSException in the JBossMQ Persistence manager or StateManager
[JBAOP-498] Created a task to generate a public api documentation (where only the classes that users should know about are present), and added comments to some classes.
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Add more trace logging about why a class loader indexed by package cannot find a class.
Simple refactoring.
Simple refactoring.
Simple refactoring.
Fix parent.
Trace log.
toString info.
Msg fix.
ForceNoCopy system property.
Making JarEntryContents hierarchy aware.
[JBAOP-497] Bug fixed.
Find child for entry is directory, using parent.
Remove last slash on entry directory.
Trace log for ignored metafile search.
Check trace.
SECURITY-89: Initial implementation of the ACL SPI, along with some test cases.

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Added the acl module to the assembly files.

Added a factory method to create identities.

SECURITY-89: Updated some SPI interfaces, adding auxiliary methods and correcting comments. Also included the acl module to assembly/source.xml and assembly/bin.xml so that it is added to the SPI aggregator.