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JBAS-4753, refactored the solution by updating jboss common to 1.2.2.GA-brew
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JBPAPP-1460 Upgrade JSF to 1.2_10

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[JBAS-6098] copy juddi.jar and scout.jar artifacts from thirdparty dir
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JBAS-5881. Upgrade BSF (Bean Scripting Framework) to v2.4.0 (from 2.3.0)
Adding jettison.jar to thirdparty dir (required by jbossws)

[JBAS-5768] Upgrade JBoss Cache to 1.4.1.SP9
JBAS-572, Use the non-brew version of jboss remoting v2.2.2.SP8
JBAS-572, Upgrade jboss remoting to v2.2.2.SP8 (from v2.2.2.SP5) - use "brew" version for now.
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JBAS-4933, Upgrade to jbossxb 1.0.0.SP3 (from 1.0.0.SP1)
JBAS-5727, try javassist 3.8.0.GA
[JBAS-5648] Upgrade to JBoss-JAXR 1.2.0.SP1
JBAS-4875, Upgrade jboss transactions to 4.2.3.SP7 (from 4.2.3.SP6)

Essentially same code but correctly tagged this time.

JBAS-4996 - Install jbossws-3.0.1-native-2.0.4.GA
Upgrade jboss remoting to 2.2.2.SP5
Delegate jbossws deployment to stack repository
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Update to JBossws 2.0.3.GA
try jboss remoting 2.2.2.SP4-brew
JBAS-5139: Update to JBossWS snapshot to include SPI changes.
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Rollback: Install jboss-juddi-2.0.0.RC5
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Install jboss-juddi-2.0.0.RC5
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[JBAS-5072] The previous fix 4698, fixed the problem by using iteration instead of values(), but it also allowed nulls to be put into the array, which throws a null pointer exception. I would have used the same defect number, but I missed the window for the versions that 4698 fixed, so I opened a new defect.
JBAS-5060: Upgrade jfreechart to v1.0.2

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Got rid of gjt-jpl-util and gjt-jpl-pattern (JBAS-4148)

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[JBAS-5005] Upgrade to JBoss Cache 1.4.1.SP7
Install jbossws-native-2.0.2.GA
JBAS-4925, Upgrade jboss cache to 1.4.1.SP6 (from 1.4.1.SP5)
JBAS-4853, upgrade to jbossxb 1.0.0.SP1 from 1.0.0.GA