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Fix for JBAS-5943 - JRMPInvokerProxyHA should not failover if PooledInvokerProxy.invoke() throws java.rmi.ConnectException with cause of java.io.EOFException.
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[JBAS-5850] If a sticky target is not available any more, we fail now because failover is not allowed (transaction already active in one. Added tests that check behaivour when nodes are shutdown while in the middle of a transaction sticky invocation.
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[JBAS-5923] Weak hash map is now a synchronized map in order to avoid k,v pairs dissapearing under load. Removed any synchronization on tpc except if putIfAbsent type of operations done. Fixed test case classes to deal with new txFailoverAuthorizations type (WeakHashMap -> Map).
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[JBAS-4815][JBAS-5364] Fixed unified invoker proxy NPE and thread safety issue by synchronising getClient method.
[JBAS-4455] Transaction sticky load balance policies have been created for each of the default existing ones. JRMP and Unified invoker proxy ha classes now contain the logic to put/get sticky target from the transaction failover authorisation map.
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Add explicit serialVersionUID
[JBAS-4964] Transaction failover authorisation map is now keyed on tpc (transaction propagation context) for both Unified and JRMP invoker proxies. Added convenience methods in JRMP invoker classes to facilitate unit testing.
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[JBAS-4950] invocationHasReachedAServer now called after every succesful invocation, plus added a convenience factory method in unified invoker proxy for testing purposes.
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[JBAS-4614] UnifiedInvokerHAProxy implements InvokerProxyHA
Copy latest Branch_4_0 into Branch_4_2
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