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[JBAS-4815][JBAS-5364] Fixed unified invoker proxy NPE and thread safety issue by synchronising getClient method.
[JBAS-5068] Prevent NPE when events arrive before handler created
[JBAS-4455] Transaction sticky load balance policies have been created for each of the default existing ones. JRMP and Unified invoker proxy ha classes now contain the logic to put/get sticky target from the transaction failover authorisation map.
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[JBAS-4986] Remove compile-time dependency on Debugger
Add explicit serialVersionUID
[JBAS-4964] Transaction failover authorisation map is now keyed on tpc (transaction propagation context) for both Unified and JRMP invoker proxies. Added convenience methods in JRMP invoker classes to facilitate unit testing.
[JBAS-4950] invocationHasReachedAServer now called after every succesful invocation, plus added a convenience factory method in unified invoker proxy for testing purposes.
[JBAS-4740] Wrap the cause of ServiceUnavailable, giving preference to wrapping NoSuchObjectException
[JBAS-4615] Make our DRM replicant name configurable so we can do it in test cases
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[JBAS-4729] Don't fail over on UnmarshalException
[JBAS-4614] UnifiedInvokerHAProxy implements InvokerProxyHA
[JBAS-4406] Use 'jboss.jgroups' instead of 'jgroups.mux' as domain; these aren't mux channels
[JBAS-4406] Register Channel in JMX if not from ChannelFactory
[JBAS-4316] Fix membership size logging
JBAS-3780, deploying empty file causes farming to hang
[JBAS-4229] Restart singleton following cluster merge
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[JBAS-4258] Invoke Channel.down via reflection to allow future upgrade to JGroups 2.5
[JBAS-4202] Avoid NPE if additional_data is not set
[JBAS-4179] Update interfaces for HASingletonEvictionPolicy
[JBAS-4013] Add ability to use multiplexer to ClusterPartition
[JBAS-3940] Use the JGroups multiplexer in the 4.2 branch
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[JBAS-3920] Remove set of deprecated Channel opt
Modified to allow suppression of partition JNDI registration; prerequisite for JBAS-2470
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[JBAS-3845] PartitionName, not NodeName!
[JBAS-3833] Fix cut and paste bug
Copy latest Branch_4_0 into Branch_4_2
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