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Reverting a change meant for JBPAPP_4_2_0_GA_CP

Updating beanutils to new, clean version (withoutt common-collections bits)

Use Brew-built Cache 1.4.1.SP8.patch02
Use Brew-built native42
[JBPAPP-511] Temporarily switch to JBC 1.4.1.SP8.patch02 to test the updated JBCACHE-1246 fix
Upgrade to Cache 1.4.1.SP8.pathc01 to fix JBCACHE-1246
Upgrade hsqldb to fix CVE-2007-4576
JBPAPP-503 - Upgrade JBossMessaging to 1.4.0.SP3_CP01
JBPAPP-503 - Upgrade JBossMessaging to 1.4.0.SP3
Nullify previous change so that the log can be properly filled
Upgrade to Remoting 1.4.0.SP3
Upgrade to Cache 1.4.1.SP8
JBPAPP-402 - Upgrade JBoss Remoting to 2.2.2.SP4
JBPAPP-497 - Upgrade JBossWeb to 2.0.0.GA_CP05

Fix JBPAPP-426: Added missing sun jaxws jars and ws commons policy jars to soa build

Revert change committed in r68056
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make changes to sample-bindings conditional based on 4.2/4.3

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Upgrade to Messaging 1.4.0.SP2
Upgrade to Remoting 2.2.2.SP3
JBPAPP-461 Change JMSService to ServerPeer
(JBPAPP-454) TreeCache._enqueueMethodCall doesn't handle buddy backup FQNs

Remove .xml file code replacement that was done via <replace>. Instead, now

the .xml files can have @DEVCONF ... @ENDDEVCONF and

@PRODCONF ... @ENDPRODCONF sections for all/default/minimal and production


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Upgrade to Remoting 2.2.2.GA_CP02
Use Brew built versions of JAF, JavaMail and JSF
JBPAPP-441 - Upgrade to JBoss Cache 1.4.1.SP7

Fix JBPAPP-440: Update EULA to the EAP EULA.

http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBPAPP-412 - Synchronizing MetaInfo with jboss-messaging.jar


http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBMESSAGING-1155 - final touch up

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JBPAPP-334 - Upgrade JBossCommon 1.2.1.GA
JBPAPP-329 - Upgrade version of HSQLDB used to match community version
adding jboss-messaging to jbossall-client.jar