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JBPAPP-10001: force exit the server if bootstrap fails

JBPAPP-9756 Natives can't be loaded automatically run.sh script expects path jboss-ep-5.1 current path is jboss-ep-5.2
[JBPAPP-9692] allow run.conf as argument 10 or higher
JBPAPP-8503 - Fixed Windows BAT file problem when discovering EAP_ROOT.
JBPAPP-8503 - JARCheck scripts now use -jar.
JBPAPP-8503 - Added rudimentary command line help.
JBPAPP-8503 - Cleaned up bat and shell scripts for JARCheck invocation.
[JBPAPP-9581] run.bat -r
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JBPAPP-8503; Rename EAPCheck to JARCheck.
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[JBPAPP-8503] adding jarcheck
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Merging 5.1.3_interim changes: Fix JBPAPP-7454. Allow the specification of alternative run.conf files via a --run-conf parameter to run.sh
Merging 5.1.3_interim changes: Applied fix for https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBPAPP-7436. This resolves the issue on run.bat fails to execute when the full path to run.bat file contains a folder name that has brackets "( )" .
Fix for [JBPAPP-7514]
Fix for JBPAPP-7350. JBOSS_HOME is now taken into account, and EAP_ROOT is generated dynamically based on script name.
Fix for JBPAPP-7013. The build breaks the script when copying it to the build/out/<version>/bin subdirectory by changing the ^M characters.
Script for JBPAPP-7013: Convert Windows format files to UNIX format.
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JBPAPP-6893: security_cc.policy file added from the CC patch (JBPAPP-5367) and changed entry for cglib.jar to grant privileges by file location instead of JBoss signature of jar file. It can be safely unsigned.
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[JBPAPP-6900] Resolved an issue where the jmx console failed to load when the java security manager is enabled

Fixed JBPAPP-6627. Server does not start if it is installed to the default directory on Windows.
Force use of IPv4 stack in command-line scripts (JBPAPP-2868)
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Fix for JBPAPP-5824. The PID file if created, is now removed.
JBPAPP-5347 run.sh script using IBM java cannot detect 64bit version
entries for admin console
Fix for JBPAPP-4730 to incorporate the full change from JBAS-8063.
Fix for JBPAPP-4730. Use of for 64bit version check can cause the run.sh script to hang.
JBPAPP-3912: a debugging security manager that just prints the failing protection domain
some comments added
updated permission for running EAP with signed jars