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[JBPAPP-10385] - Fixed NPE regression.
[JBPAPP-10385] AuthorizationInterceptor type casting fix.
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JBPAPP-10035: Skip AccessController if there is no SecurityManager

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[JBPAPP-9524] Adding jax-ws-catalog.xml back due to regression with CXF
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[JBPAPP-6628]Reapplying patch.
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Change sub-projects pom.xml AS version to 5.2.0
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[JBPAPP-9524] Remove jax-ws-catalog.xml (and associated tests) from EAP installation
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[JBPAPP-9326]Fix halt and exit shutdown functionality.
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JDK7 hacks, this did not go into previous commit
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JBPAPP-9341: let the compiler use linked collections which have a guaranteed order

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[JBPAPP-7418] Add jboss.partition.udpGroup to the JGroups MPING configurations in the binding manager

Additional debug dependency

Fixed a bug where the ejb2 security interceptor removes the run-as identity


[JBPAPP-8432] JACC Delegation does not correctly build and represent web.xml constraints - fix
Fixing a bug where SecurityActions does not correctly pull the username/credentials from the SecurityAssociation object when the java security manager is enabled.


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JBPAPP-8035: fix NPE when cancelling timer within same tx

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JBPAPP-8035: introduced a ScheduledExecutorService for handling the timeout callbacks
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This commit attempts to fix JBPAPP-6628 - Password not masked in the shutdown script
JBPAPP-7104 Fix resource injection in base classes of (non-annotated) JSF managed beans
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[JBPAPP-6428] EJB2 InvokerInterceptor isLocal returns true when it should return false
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[JBPAPP-6517] EAR and other top level deployments should be Atomic
JBPAPP-6203: Incorrect statistcs returned by the EJB MBean after resetStats() method is invoked

When resetStats() is invoked, the methodStats map is now cleared.

Fixing a NPE exception that is raised when a thread with no security context invokes

the local interface of a secure EJB 2 bean.


[JBPAPP-4281] change xslt to only rewrite redirect port for http connector
Ignore Intellij files

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JBPAPP-6239 Enable strictServletSpecCompliance for annotation scanning of classes in web application, by default