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JBPAPP-9731 additional tests for Database login module options
[JBPAPP-10385] extend test coverage
[JBPAPP-9731] regression tests for JBoss Negotiation login modules added
[JBPAPP-10385] Secured RMI adaptor test case fixed to correctly test the issue.
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JBPAPP-9906 and related
JBPAPP-7310 fix, thanks to olukas
Ammend to JBPAPP-9922
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JBPAPP-9909: fix regression on SRPLoginModuleUnitTestCase

JBPAPP-9909: ensure httpha-invoker is available on tests that need it

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fixing "hardcoded" localhost issue in mxbean tests, JBPAPP-9930
JBPAPP-2662 - fix the ambiguous @Ejb annotation
JBPAPP-10022 - SSL test fail on IBM JDK SSLv2Hello

Author - Bartosz Baranowski

Confirmation/Commit - Joe Wertz <ewertz@redhat.com>

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fixing/adding mx bean support, JBPAPP-9930
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JBPAPP-9887: Hacked fix for tests hanging due to IBM JDK 7. Patch works on Jenkins suite as well as on local machine using two different JDK 7's.
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[JBPAPP-9973] Fixed suspending/resuming HDScanner and added test case
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JBPAPP-9929 set pool parameter minSize to zero avoid racing
JBPAPP-9336: Sorted out Javassist upgrade to service-pack. Added in test functionality to make sure that there isn't an exception thrown by EAP in it's own stack
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  1. ./src/main/org/jboss/test/jpa/jbpapp9336/unit
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JBPAPP-9730: remove unsupported useObjectCredential option

JBPAPP-9731 RoleMappingLoginModule package fixed
JBPAPP-9807, use LinkedBlockingQueue to check notification timeout
Changing assertion expectation, different message on JDK7
JBPAPP-9807, increase value from 200ms to 400ms to provide enough time to switch context to handler
JBPAPP-9810 fix test failure due to rough shudown halt server by catching expected communication error