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[JBPAPP-10820], fix substitution in @ActivationConfigProperty and @ResourceAdapter
JBPAPP-9411 : looking for container annotation configuration for default EJB3 SecurityDomain if none is defined elsewhere (annotation or xml configuration).

Commiting a fix where a call to an @PermitAll method fails if there is no security context


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[JBPAPP-8123] - Added a check in getNonBridgeMethod() so method name is also checked against the bridged method name to ensure they are equal before returning the method
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Fixed an issue where the RunAs identity is not propagated beyond the first call


JBPAPP-4428: fix injection of WebServiceContext into an interceptor

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  2. ./test/java/org/jboss/ejb3/core/test/jbpapp4428/unit
JBPAPP-7523 / JBPAPP-7602: fix regression on multiple passivations
[EJBTHREE-2251] implement discard method in InfinitePool to release the reference so it doesn't leak memory
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  1. ./test/java/org/jboss/ejb3/core/test/ejbthree2251
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[EJBTHREE-2275] moved testcase to its own testcase file
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[EJBTHREE-2275] fix RemovalTimeoutTask so that it calls remove(..) which invokes PreDestory callback
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JBPAPP-7685: add RunAs interceptor to timeout callback stack
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JBPAPP-7523: do not try to cleanup after a dead-lock (that would lock infinitely)
JBPAPP-7523: make sure activation runs outside the lock
JBPAPP-7523: test locking behavior with a small cache
  1. ./test/java/org/jboss/ejb3/core/test/jbpapp7523
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JBPAPP-4656 / EJBTHREE-2035: upported fix for Timer callback rollback

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JBPAPP-5516: treat exceptions that are not declared in the throwable clause of the inflow method as UndeclaredThrowableException

[JBPAPP-5482] Performance improvement patch to ejb3-core:1.3 branch
JBPAPP-4633 Port the fix for EJBTHREE-2125 to jboss-ejb3-core 1.3 branch
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EJBTHREE-1919: Added invokerDescructionDelay=5000 to InvokerLocator.
JBPAPP-4850: applied patch to check first if trace is enabled

JBPAPP-3308: using TimerServiceFactory_2 to propagate the correct class loader

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JBPAPP-3308: merged EJBTHREE-2107 (rev 105795) refactor timerservice management

JBPAPP-5326: release semaphore on creation failure (merged 108961)
EJBTHREE-2154: created methods and test on TimeStatistics

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[JBPAPP-4899] Remove invalid character in @author tag
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EJBTHREE-2146: using atomics instead of synchronized methods

EJBTHREE-2147: use an atomic instead of synchronized block

EJBTHREE-2141: use the attachment from SecurityClientInterceptor instead

EJBTHREE-2120 Optionally skip marshalling/unmarshalling of params and return objects for remote business interfaces