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EJBTHREE-2196: set enforcer-plugin to 1.0.1

EJBTHREE-2067: counting test cases at start of test
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EJBTHREE-2057: fix naming aliases and MQ deployment in dd/mdb test
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EJBTHREE-2060: removed dependency on jboss-ejb3-pool
EJBTHREE-2057: apply proposed fix to interceptors2
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[EJBTHREE-1998] Use JBOSS_HOME for testsuite compilation and runtime dependencies
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[EJBTHREE-1640] Revert a commit which leaked in
[EJBTHREE-1640] Remove unsupported statefulproxyfactoryoverride test
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[EJBTHREE-1998] Revert r99958 until we sort out issues w/ the CI environment
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[EJBTHREE-1998] Use $JBOSS_HOME for all libraries under AS in test compilation ClassPath
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EJBTHREE-1956 Removed non-existent SNAPSHOT dependencies
EJBTHREE-1959 jboss-ejb3-core component will no longer maintain or ship the xsd files (jboss_5_0.xsd, application_5.xsd and many other such redundant xsds)
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EJBTHREE-1936 Upgrading dependency during EJB3 Plugin 1.0.16 release
[EJBTHREE-1894] NPE on client invoking remote SFSB method during shutdown
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EJBTHREE-1869 Upgrade testsuite pom to depend on 1.0.5-SNAPSHOT of jboss-ejb3-build to keep Maven on mike happy
EJBTHREE-1867 Bring the testsuite in sync with the latest releases
EJBTHREE-1865 Upgraded testsuite to use latest core
[EJBTHREE-1786] Added tests for Endpoint API
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Update ejb3-core to 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT, revert version overrides for ha-client/server-api

Upgrade jboss-ha-client/server-api versions used by test client until ejb3-core is updated to 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT

Upgrading to newer version of jboss-test to bring in the -Dxb.builder.useUnorderedSequence=true system property, to prevent server startup issues
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[EJBTHREE-1767] ejb3-installer, ejb3-plugin, and TestSuite updated to work with new ejb3-proxy-impl and ejb3-proxy-spi
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EJBTHREE-1620: allow for configuration of known issues
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EJBTHREE-1028: maven hates me

[EJBTHREE-1591] Implement a client-side async mixin, fix integration tests for "asynchronous", and update dependencies as necessary
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[EJBTHREE-1241][EJBTHREE-751] Update the check for proper error message to reference, define a contract to make the test more stable
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update thirdparty versions and eclipse config files
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[EJBTHREE-1241] Update EJB3 TestSuite to latest EJB3 Core, resolve compilation errors
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[EJBTHREE-1413] Update TestSuite dependency on EJB3 Core
[EJBTHREE-1388] Put back dependency on commons-codec for jsp tests