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EJBTHREE-1346 The plugin is now targeted against 5.1.0 CR1, hence removing the EJBTHREE-1346 testcases from the known-issues list
[EJBTHREE-1346] Treat test as known-failure until fix is integrated in AS
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[EJBTHREE-1346] Treat anticipated error conditions as failures, not errors
[EJBTHREE-1346] Respect disabling @Clustered via jboss.xml
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Fix transient issues in clusteredsession NestedBeanUnitTestCase
[EJBTHREE-1346] Respect disabling @Clustered via jboss.xml
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[EJBTHREE-1053] Port test from Branch_4_2; include as a known issue
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Clean imports
[EJBTHREE-1807] Test that removal failures don't disrupt timeout removal of other beans
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[EJBTHREE-1692] Add testing of Cache.getTotalSize() metric
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EJBTHREE-1795 Updated the ChangeXMLUnitTestCase to be more robust by relying on its own unique security domain configuration
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EJBTHREE-1793 Fixed the EJB2.x bean which was not strictly following the spec. Changed the throws clause to comply with this rule of the EJB2.x spec:

"All the exceptions defined in the throws clause of the matching method of the session bean class must be defined in the throws clause of the method of the remote interface."

[EJBTHREE-1767] Update statefulproxyfactoryoverride config to use new namespace for ejb3-proxy-impl
[EJBTHREE-1767] ejb3-installer, ejb3-plugin, and TestSuite updated to work with new ejb3-proxy-impl and ejb3-proxy-spi
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[EJBTHREE-1754] Correct the jar-file location in these tests
[EJBTHREE-1753] Correct the test to be more lenient in looking at the error message
EJBTHREE-1629 Fixed the Ejb3DescriptorHandler which was not handling the entire set of primitive types
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EJBTHREE-1677 Incorrect handling of overloaded methods in a @Service. Fixed the ServiceMBeanDelegate which was looking up an internal cache of Methods using the incorrect key
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EJBTHREE-987: DeliveryActive activation config property (r74088)
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[EJBTHREE-1641] Fix removedislocal config
[EJBTHREE-1641] Get statefulproxyfactoryoverride configs in line with removal of old proxy impl from ejb3-core
[EJBTHREE-1722] Remove test configs referring to old asynchronous impl
oops, rollback 83928

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Use correct assertion. Two deserialized objects will not be the same, so old assert was meaningless.
Beef up the SLSB load balance testing. Old version was flawed in that it treated two SLSBs in a pool on the same node as if they were on different nodes!!
[EJBTHREE-1647] Add (failing) Integration Test
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[EJBTHREE-1241] Just organize imports
[EJBTHREE-1597] Remove references to DefaultPersistenceProperties.
EJBTHREE-1241, JBAS-6382: fixed compilation on JDK 5