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[EJBTHREE-2265] Don't register an EJB proxy and then immediately unregister and re-register a different one when using @RemoteBinding/<remote-binding>

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[JBPAPP-6945] Backport EJBTHREE-2265 to EAP 5.1.1

[JBPAPP-6945] Update version

[JBPAPP-6945] Backport EJBTHREE-2265 to EAP 5.1.1

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[JBPAPP-6789] Don't bind default proxy factory if it conflicts with a @RemoteBinding

[JBPAPP-6914] allow default load balance policy to be configured
[JBPAPP-6914] one off patch branch
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[EJBTHREE-2264][JBPAPP-6869] allow default load balance policy to be configured
Reverting previous commit and going back to revision 97083
[JBPAPP-6869] fix Cannot specify default loadBalancePolicy for Clustered EJB3s
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jboss-ejb3-transactions-1.0.4
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jboss-ejb3-transactions-1.0.4
EJBTHREE-2259: remove unneeded dependency sun-jaxws

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EJBTHREE-2196: set enforcer-plugin to 1.0.1

JBPAPP-4656 / EJBTHREE-2035: upported fix for Timer callback rollback

EJBTHREE-2035: upported test case

JBPAPP-3308 EJBTHREE-2193 - Added test to no-start-jboss-ejb-tests target, so that it gets executed when running the test suite
JIRA JBPAPP-6230 - back port of JBPAPP-5516.

Created branch for back port of JBPAPP-5516.

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EJBTHREE-2243 Fix typo in ApplicationExceptionComponentMetaDataLoaderFactory
Applied changes to support the following one-off release:


branch created for one-off patch


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formed an incorrect branch.
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CP branch is created to accomodate support patches as per the JBoss development process guide


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JBAPP-5516 / JBAS-7922: added unit test

JBPAPP-5516: treat exceptions that are not declared in the throwable clause of the inflow method as UndeclaredThrowableException

EJBTHREE-2238 Testcase for making sure that a BMT bean isn't invoked in a CMT context