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[JBMICROCONT-246] [JBMICROCONT-256] Update to JBossXB-2.0.0.CR7 and use external jboss classloaders project
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[JBCL-5] - Temporarily copy projects back to the Microcontainer
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[JBCL-5] - New JBCL Project
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[JBMICROCONT-219] - Cutover to using JAXB style annotations for parsing
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Extend the FilteredDelegateLoader with a version that can lazily initialise itself
Allow subclasses of DelegateLoader to lazily initialise, e.g. set the filter when the policy is determined
Guard against broken factories
[JBMICROCONT-241] - Add the ability to lazily link policies as delegate imports
Allow a loader in the ease of use policy construction
[JBMICROCONT-241] - JMX operations for the classloaders, etc.
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  1. ./src/tests/org/jboss/test/classloader/jmx/support/a
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Reduce some of the noise. We only need to log the full classloader policy once and only during registration
Fix the formatting of the error message
Fix the classloading deadlock. Fix the spelling of cacheable. Allow getExported to be public such that places outside classloading package can wire classloader/policys together with minimal/no assumptions
Add some helper methods for registering a classloader policy and constructing the domain at the same time
Remove trace logging from test
Remove trace logging from test
Allow the combining class filter to use and/or logic, i.e. all or one filter must match
Add the ability to parse a package filter from a comma seperated string
Don't loop forever on CCE or LinkageErrors
Don't try to notify other threads about release of the classloader lock unless we really did release the lock
[JBMICROCONT-234] - Ignore findLoadedClass() results if the associated classloader of the result is not valid
Regenerate eclipse classpath files following aop upgrade
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Fix the eclipse classpath
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.Beta10
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[JBMICRCONT-227] - Fix the test to reflect the change to look locally first, even if the domain is parent first
[JBMICRCONT-227] - Load resources locally first when given a classloader
Unneccessary condition check.
JDK6 support.

ClassLoader.loadClass --> Class.forName(className, false, classLoader).

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Test for filter handling of default package