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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.Beta9
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.Beta8
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JBMICROCONT-131, implement getGenericArrayType(GenericArrayType) correctly
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Multiple metadata locations support.

ManagedObjectFactory being CollectionMetaType/Value aware.

Prepared IntrospectionTypeInfoFactoryImpl for WeakTypeCache override.

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Synch lists for multithread usage.
Fix the maven dependencies in the pom and scm url in the main pom
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Test fail deploy on structure.
Fix 'add missingDeployer' for null contexts only.
Better deployment names.
Add DeployerClient.process to thread tests.
SingleDeployment thread tests - move deployment creation into condition.
SingleDeployment thread tests.
SingleDeployment API and checkComplete tests.
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[JBMICROCONT-221] - Allow scopes to use qualifiers other than String. Add the notion of MetaDataRetrievalFactory to avoid having to construct explicitly know types/scopes. Also added convience methods for component/member annotations and signatures
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Incomplete deployments test.
Missing tests - 187, 188, 218, FileMatcher, terminate structure deployer notion.
  1. ./src/tests/org/jboss/test/deployers/main
  2. ./src/tests/org/jboss/test/deployers/main/support
  3. ./src/tests/org/jboss/test/deployers/main/test
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Adding read lock to shutdown checkers - moving try clause up.
Adding read lock to shutdown checkers.
Fixed locking on deploy/undeploy/shutdown.
Work on 187, 188, 218, .bsh, StructureDeployer.

TODO tests (see forum thread)!

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Reset version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
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Prepare the 2.0.0.Beta6 release
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Extending the Demand/Supply notion with Matcher interface.

See AbstractKernelController or MatcherDemandSupplyTestCase for the usage.

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[JBMICROCONT-212] - Remove the failed DeploymentControllerContexts from the Microcontainer at undeploy
When destroying the top-level classloader, destroy the vfsmemory root for the classloader
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Update Eclipse files for new version of vfs
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Add memory VFS root to top-level classloader that can be used for dynamically generated files
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Test runtime component name on actual bean/service.
Examples of instance level annotations coming from object models
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