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[JBKERNEL-34] Remove the old microcontainer contents, the new ones live in ../kernel/trunk
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[JBKERNEL-14] Javadocs for kernel module
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Add missing check.
[JBKERNEL-33]; optimize validator usage.
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  1. ./java/org/jboss/kernel/plugins/validation
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[JBKERNEL-32]; allow for lifecycle kernel bus invocations.
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Make the parameter names a bit more descriptive
Re-order elements so they match xb order.
Revert to old DependencyBuilder behavior.
Try to do a single MD lookup.
Simple refactoring.
Add @IgnoreAOP.
Check for DependencyBuilder in MetaData.
Simplify on demand change.
Only build plugins once.
Handle On_Demand via lazy beans.

TODO on On_Demand tests.

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Sourcecode tidyup
Fix metadata for XB 2.0.1.GA
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Ignore empty array.
[JBMICROCONT-422]; ignore annotations lookup is set explicitly.
Code move.
[JBMICROCONT-422]; optimize annotation lookup.
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[JBMICROCONT-420]; expose FromContext injection creation.
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Put more info.
Extend BMDBuilder for demands.
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Fix contextual injection.
[JBMICROCONT-407]; change visit pattern.
Add new helper methods to BMDB.
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[JBMICROCONT-406]; use search info.
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