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[SECURITY-764] Relocate JBoss Negotiation code to git.
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[SECURITY-735] Correct the point where the distinguished name needs to be quoted, i.e. just before being used in a getAttributes() call.
[SECURITY-758] Remove the quoting of the roles distinguished name as it subsequently breaks the recursive search.
Cache isTraceEnabled once and use throughout authentication, any attempt to change this mid authentication would always be a race.
[AS7-5737] NPE fixed.
[AS7-5737] Fixed referrals traversal for roles stored in LDAP referral.
[SECURITY-735] Additional use of the quoted role distinguished name for where a recursive search is performed.
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[SECURITY-704] Log WARN messages for invalid module options - adding the AdvancedADLoginModule.

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[SECURITY-704] Log WARN messages for invalid module options.

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SECURITY-608 - Switch to the PicketBox Base65 implementation.
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[SECURITY-598] Make JBoss Negotiation Compatible with JBoss AS7.

- Bring Maven dependencies in-line with the AS7 dependencies.

- Adjust configuration of the Negotiation Toolkit to: -

a) Define the valve in an AS7 compatible way.

b) Declare the required AS7 module dependencies.

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[SECURITY-132] Traditional Authentication.

Added a usernamePasswordDomain option to the SPNEGOLoginModule to allow a domain to be

specified that can be used to delegate username/password authentication to.

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[SECURITY-545] Code Cleanup Tasks.

Centralise OID instantiation to single location.

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[SECURITY-544] Restore Dependencies and APIs to match libraries available within JBoss AS 6.
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Reduce the log.isDebugEnabled() and log.isTraceEnabled() calls to a maximum of once per method each.
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Removed reduntant logging checks.
Removed reduntant logging checks.
Removed reduntant logging checks.
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Adding log level checking before logging and replacing org.jboss.util.Base64 with the class from picketbox-commons
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[SECURITY-447] Add new login module to support Active Directory primary group of user.
[SECURITY-466] Error handling groups containing '/' in name using AdvancedLDAPLoginModule.
[SECURITY-411] Change build to use maven assembly to create a JBAS jar.
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