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[JBAS-9435] Use properties for Java compiler source and target versions
Share project "JBoss 5.1" into "https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/trunk"
JBPAPP-7089: Fix issue with init/destroy annotations and multiple methods
remove old snmp implementation from build.xml

adding missing classes from previous snmp-adaptor upgrade;

modify version of mibgen-maven-plugin used to 1.0 instead of 1.0-SNAPSHOT

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Rewrite of snmp-adaptor to use a new stack, snmp4j, as well as include support for

v2c, v3 of the protocol, GETBULK operations, and tabular objects, and MIB generation.

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Update version strings for next development iteration
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JBAS-8318 Switch back to (lenient and sometimes problematic) WarAnnotationMetaDataDeployer to fix regression in testsuite JBCTS-1131
updating CXF version to include fix of [CXF-3740]
[JBWS-3337][JBWS-3338] fixing singleton de/serialization & @Addressing annotation propagation
JBAS-8803 Inclusion of an EJB JARFile in EAR /lib causes "No module with relative path" error

JBAS-8803 Inclusion of an EJB JARFile in EAR /lib causes "No module with relative path" error

Update JPA deployers
[JBAS-9438] Upgrade AOP to 2.2.2.GA
JBAS-8814 Upgrade to latest EJB3 version to bring in the reverts that were done to ejb3-core for PU/PC handling
[JBAS-9155]; allow multiple persistence.xml files + test this.

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  1. ./testsuite/src/resources/jpa/webmultiple
  2. ./testsuite/src/resources/jpa/webmultiple/WEB-INF
Revert changes for JBAS-8563 due to the regressions introduced
JBAS-9335 plus other minor script edits
Ported changes made in JBPAPP-6956
JBAS-9427 - fix hornetq-jms.xml in hornetq test-config
fix excluded test case name
[JBAS-8913]; update MC Kernel lib
[JBAS-8836]; do unbind on security manager.

relocate Ejb3MetricsUnitTestCase to profileservice.excludes
JBAS-9434 Fix jar packaging for org.jboss.test.ejb3.singleton.unit.SingletonUnitTestCase
fix the fisheye url
minor fix to README
JBAS-8834 - ENC test case fixes
JBAS-8835 - adjust assertions to verify an expected result
Test Excludes for JBAS-8821, JBAS-8739, JBAS-8245