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[JBBUILD-453] Rename the build-thirdparty.xml files to make it obvious that they should no longer be used.
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JBAS-5296, move jboss-metadata from snapshot to 1.0.0.Beta7
JBAS-5289: released ext-api, ext-api-impl, interceptors and metadata

JBAS-5276, jboss-vfs from snapshot to 2.0.0.Beta10
JBAS-5293 - Install jbossws-3.0.1-native-2.0.4.GA
JBAS-5351, jboss-common-core to 2.2.4.GA
jboss-remoting 2.4.0.Beta2 -> CR1
Upgrade apache xerces to 2.9.1 (from 2.9.0)
[JBAS-5121] - Beta releases of split up microcontainer projects in preparation for CRs
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updating to metadata snapshot (related to JBAS-5285)
jbossts 4.3.0.Beta1 -> 4.3.0.GA
[JBAS-5319] [JBAS-5314] - Integrate classloading spi along with near latest MC codebase and JBossXB-2.0.0.CR7
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[JBAS-5283] UPgrade JBoss AOP to 2.0.0.CR8
Hibernate to 3.2.6.GA

Hibernate Annotations to 3.3.1.GA

Hibernate EntityManager to 3.3.2.GA

(the latter includes hibernate ejb3-persistence 1.0.1.GA)

- Update to JBoss Web 2.1.0.GA.
[JBAS-5314] - JBossXB should be at CR6 until the latest MC stuff is integrated
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JBAS-5314, Upgrade jbossxb to 2.0.0.CR7 (from CR5)
Revert maven build
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[JBBUILD-453] Removing build-thirdparty.xml. Adding call to mvn package in build.xml.
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JBAS-5250:upgrade sec to 2.0.2.Beta5, JBossSX will be at snapshot - a beta6 release is soon
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[JBAS-5287] Upgrade Javassist to 3.7.1.GA
just change the order
un-brew what can be un-brewed.
un-brew what can be un-brewed.
- Update to JBoss Web 2.1.0 CR13.
Remove dependency on jbossws-native50
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Move the build of jbossws.sar to AS50
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Change jboss-managed to 2.0.0.snapshot
JBVFS-17, JBCTS-752, update jboss-vfs to 2.0.0.snapshot until the next release.
try jboss/remoting 2.4.0.Beta2