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Update version strings for next development iteration
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[JBAS-9431]; add missing attribute; no-tx-separate-pool.

Add explanation to mbean name.

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[JBAS-9419]; add DefaultDS alias to new AS7 default DS jndi name.
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Remove System.out.
update version strings to 6.1.0-SNAPSHOT
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[JBAS-8546] Mail MDB stop working due to negative Thread.sleep(timeout) call in NewMsgsWorker#run()
Prepare for next development iteration, 6.0.1-SNAPSHOT
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JBAS-8774 - set version strings to 6.0.0.Final
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[JBAS-8686, JBAS-8756]; update MC libs, remove AS deployers-jmx.

Add -jms.xml to legacy ordering -- before archives.

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[JBAS-8559] Fixed issue with null EnvironmentRefs group reported by client.
[JBAS-8763] Potential dead lock (JMS)
[JBAS-8559] Fixed driver class issue.
[JBAS-8763] Potential dead lock
[JBAS-8559] Adding EARDataSourceDeployer to deployers to handle data source deployments in application.xml descriptors.
[JBAS-8559] General cleanup as well as reverting to local transactions to satisfy spec requirement of transactional=true. Note, the spec being under defined as what particular type of transactions are needed (ie local versus XA), this is simply there to pass the TCK at this point.
[JBAS-8559] Addding ApplicationClientDataSourceDeployer. Note, this requires a client meta data upgrade to complete. For more info see [JBMETA-322]. Also minor formatting change to EARDataSourceDeployer.
Small optimization -- check top level only as that's where the ear md is gonna be.

[JBPAPP-5596] Fixed issue with JCA deadlock. Fix provided by Kevin Conner.
[JBAS-8559] Added EAR data source deployer to allow for data source(s) in application.xml files. Added login timeout and adjusted pool values so as to not cause issues when pool max is at zero.
JBAS-8548 Remaining pieces of support for data-source reference in a Java EE component
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[JBAS-8559] Fixed issue with non-existent property and data sources. Currently we just ignore and WARN if the property does not exist. This will require a follow up CTS JIRA issue to get clarification for the specification as well as these particular TCK tests.
JBAS-8548 Add switchboard support for processing <data-source>/@DataSourceDefinition references
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[JBAS-8540] AS and testsuite fixes for IPv6 support
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[JBAS-8559] Added logic to handle JNDI naming components of data sources deployed within EE modules. Essentially we are mapping the ds name to an internal scheme allowing switchboard to appropriately handle ds JNDI names correctly.
[JBAS-8559] Fixed NPE with environment refs group being null.
[JBAS-8559] Added EJB support for data source deployment. Note, I am currently disabling this functionality until an upgrade of jboss-metadata-common can be completed. This feature is disabled in the jboss-jca-deployers.xml file.
[JBAS-8559] Changed phase to allow for correct annotation processing by previous deployers.
Default Legal/stuff.
[JBAS-8559] Modified UseDataSource property for LMCF to be more JMX friendly. Checking in new test class, support classes, descriptors etc for task. This includes a mock JDBC driver for DS and Driver testing in the new framework.
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