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Update JBCL, Deployers and Weld.

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JBAS-9422 Move the ExplicitDeclaredStructure to the system module since it's required by the minimal server too. Note that this class will be removed once we have a release of the new MC libraries
  1. ./java/org/jboss/system/server/deployment
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[JBAS-8686, JBAS-8756]; update MC libs, remove AS deployers-jmx.

Add -jms.xml to legacy ordering -- before archives.

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[JBAS-8246] remove deployment from modification checker.
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[JBAS-8725]; ignore classpath entries starting with . or ending with .bak
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[JBAS-8707] don't swallow the exception for failed (hot-)deployments and update the profile service version
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JBAS-8577 JMXConnector should support jmx-remoting.sar 'jmxconnector' alias
JBAS-8407 IPv6 support in JMXConnector
[JBAS-8328] Fix (thanks to E. Muckenhuber) + beef up testsuite to include zipped archives
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Fix for JBAS-8071, HDScanner's setScanEnabled() method Fails to enable scanning on first invocation.
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JBAS-8049 JmxAdapter should have a closeAll method
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JBAS-8034 The JMXConnector returned from javax.management.remote.JMXConnectorFactory.connect(JMXServiceURL, environment) needs to be closed when server connection is no longer needed.
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this should not have been excluded.
rename legacy bootstrap profile.
add ProfilesMetaDataFactory, remove class dependency on the deployers.
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[JBAS-7614]; fix order map creation.
JBAS-7933 jconsole regression, no longer works. Dont pass ClientSocketFactory when newing up RMIJRMPServerImpl
JBAS-7932 shutdown rmiregistry on stop of JMXConnector
fix backup location.
JBAS-7827 minimize NotSerializableException by wrapping the mbean server similar to StripModelMBeanInfoPolicy
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JBAS-7827 improve error checking
JBAS-7873: bind the RMIJRMPServer to the proper interface
JBAS-7873 binding service support for RMIJRMPServerImpl
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JBAS-7871 Create a JMXAuthenticator implementation. secure our JSR-160 jmxconnector
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JBAS-7827 legacy references to jmx/rmi/RMIAdaptor
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unused import.
JBAS-7873 bindings-jboss-beans.xml support for new JSR160 jmx connector and address cluster unit test regression
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