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Update version strings for next development iteration
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[JBWS-3337][JBWS-3338] fixing singleton de/serialization & @Addressing annotation propagation
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update version strings to 6.1.0-SNAPSHOT
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Prepare for next development iteration, 6.0.1-SNAPSHOT
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JBAS-8774 - set version strings to 6.0.0.Final
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[JBAS-8686, JBAS-8756]; update MC libs, remove AS deployers-jmx.

Add -jms.xml to legacy ordering -- before archives.

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[JBWS-3182] Adding implementation of JAASSecurityDomainAdaptor

JBAS-8548 Bring in the latest switchboard version which allows for specifying invocation dependencies
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fixing whitespaces and maven warning
fix package erased by mistake
adding missing license headers
[JBMETA-311] refactoring - removing reference to old VirtualFileAdaptor
[JBWS-3177] final cleanup - no need to propagate DU
JBAS-7046: fix injection into JAX-WS web services
[JBWS-3177] CDI integration - round2
[JBWS-3177] CDI integration - round1
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[JBWS-3169] Minor changes to AS IL for supporting new jbossws-spi versions + update to jbossws-spi 1.4.1.CR3

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[JBAS-8694] fixing TCK6 regression
refactoring - removing ugly hack
[JBWS-3171] use CurrentEJBContext utility for EJB3 security staff
[JBWS-3171] fixing WebServiceContext EJB3 injection regression
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[JBAS-8667][JBWS-3161] fixing classloader regression and distinguish between @Addressing(enabled=false) and no @Addressing annotation
[JBMETA-310][JBMETA-314][JBWS-3161] upgrating JBMETA common & JBossWS libraries
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JBAS-8548 Merge switchboard-integration branch into AS trunk
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[JBWS-3086] reviewed and merged JMS prototype upstream
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JBAS-8484: upgrading picketbox to 3.0.0.CR2
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JBAS-7556: integrated jboss-reloaded-naming 0.2.0

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[JBWS-3126] Moving to org.jboss.ejb3.ejbref.resolver.spi.EjbReferenceResolver

[JBAS-8404] Some dependency tree cleanup
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[JBWS-3121] Prevent race condition on getting the endpoint list - the DA creating WebMetadata also needs to depend on the EndpointAddressDA