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[SECURITY-447] Add new login module to support Active Directory primary group of user.
[SECURITY-447] Add new login module to support Active Directory primary group of user.
upgrade EmbJopr from 1.4.0.Beta2 to 1.4.0.Beta3, which includes RichFaces 3.3.3.Final and hornetq plugin 1.0.0.BETA1
[JBREFLECT-5] Make fields final/volatile in the javassist implementation. Fix obvious concurrency issues, and eliminate some duplicate code
[EMB-89] Move header to the top
[EMB-89] Extract logic to create the deployment
[EMB-89] Start a standalone example for EmbeddedAS
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  4. /projects/embedded/examples/trunk/src/test
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cleanup log.info
Fixing a few security issues on the test config
Cleanup class
JBAS-7874 moved SecureJMXInvokerTest to run as part of jacc-security-allstarrole and use jsr-160 security
[JBAS-7931] Properly package the AS distribution ZIP
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[JBREFLECT-113] Avoid ClassNotFoundException if package-info cannot be found
Changing version of jboss-test to the latest
Changing version for next iteration
Update run.sh to set the javassist reflect implementation
[JBREFLECT-5] Remove the debug logging
Updates for the javassist jboss-reflect stuff
Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-103909" from


Branch for running jboss reflect backed by javassist on Hudson

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Move env
No need for List.
Read api first next time. ;-)
[JBREFLECT-5] Take into account nested types when creating the generic information
Fix filter usage
[JBAS-7657] exclude banned dependency jboss-logging-spi
Add Weld scanning plugin support.
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[WELDINT-57]; accessor fixes
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-scm] copy for tag 2.1.1.SP2