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fix meta type
[JBCTS-1039]; test mssing annotation's value class.
ignore server in the profile key for now.
Translation in progress
further simplifications
Simplify ProxyCreator
Test custom invocation context + fixes
Added test for covariant types
OPEN - issue JBAS-8279: @Inject constructor on session bean does not work

remove unneeded getBeans call

[#JBPAPP-4870] RPM - dist-diff - jms-ra.rar JBM contents still present on a ZIP install
a first version of WeldBeanInstantiator and its deployer
JBAS-8327 remove nonexistent jboss schemas/dtds
Don't use ejbXXX methods on EJBs (it is against the spec)
Use correct parent.
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JBPAPP-4449 removed non-exitent schemas/dtds
SECURITY-516: adding password mask
All Hibernate 2LC caches should come from same container.
use snapshot of depchain
merge from trunk revision 107514
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added a new param '-Djbossts.jtaonly' to the JBossTS crash recovery tests for EWP testing, JBPAPP-4862
updated jdbc drivers for JBossTS crash recovery tests, JBPAPP-4861
[JBVFS-160]; start/prefix slash issues ...
Translation in progress
JBPAPP-4838 Upgrade JBoss Serialization to 1.0.4
Updated all pom.xml files to 1.1.1 for the push to the Nexus Repo
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need to include infinispan tree jar
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Need ha-server-ispn declared here to build.
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Upgrade ha-server-ispn to 1.0.0.Alpha2
Upgrade ha-server-ispn to 1.0.0.Alpha2
Upgrade ha-server-ispn to 1.0.0.Alpha2