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fix excluded test case name
Fixed interceptor stack name getter/setter


[JBAS-8913]; update MC Kernel lib
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-scm] copy for tag 2.2.0.SP2
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.2.0.SP2
[JBAS-8836]; do unbind on security manager.

[JBPAPP-6969] Fix bug where HASingleton doesn't stop after merge when host is no longer master
[JBPAPP-6969] Branching for one-off patch
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One-off patch branch


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relocate Ejb3MetricsUnitTestCase to profileservice.excludes
commit for JBPAPP-6889

JBPAPP-6893: security_cc.policy file added from the CC patch (JBPAPP-5367) and changed entry for cglib.jar to grant privileges by file location instead of JBoss signature of jar file. It can be safely unsigned.
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[JBPAPP-6428] EJB2 InvokerInterceptor isLocal returns true when it should return false
JBAS-9434 Fix jar packaging for org.jboss.test.ejb3.singleton.unit.SingletonUnitTestCase
JBPAPP-6956: Added a stress test for the CORBA naming service
fix the fisheye url
minor fix to README
JBAS-8834 - ENC test case fixes
JBAS-8835 - adjust assertions to verify an expected result
Test Excludes for JBAS-8821, JBAS-8739, JBAS-8245
[EJBTHREE-2265] Don't register an EJB proxy and then immediately unregister and re-register a different one when using @RemoteBinding/<remote-binding>

JBPAPP-6956: Added a new JBossNamingContextImpl that is capable of performing local context resolution, avoiding unnecessary remote calls that lead to thread pool exhaustion.
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AS7-949 - Remove redundant dependencies from the negotiation toolkit.
SECURITY-608 - Switch to the PicketBox Base65 implementation.
[JBPAPP-6020] preserve beans order.

[JBPAPP-6020]; keep nested beans, hence preserving order.