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[SECURITY-626] Upgrade to assembly plug in 2.2.1 and adjust assembly IDs and configuration to retain

current naming of jboss-negotiation.jar and jboss-neogotiation-sources.jar.

JBPAPP-7792: Scan efficiently for app-client descriptor
JBPAPP-6953: remove BMD on uninstall from the KernelDeployment, so we don't end up with duplicates
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Create JBPAPP_5_1_2_ER2 tag for EAP_EWP 5.1.2 ER2
JBPAPP-6414 Packaging Xerces in war causes JSF ClassCastException on SAXParserFactory (Updated patch)
JBPAPP-7014 Upgrade JBoss HA Client (Cluster Client) to 1.1.4.Final
JBPAPP-6140 Upgrade Jboss Web to 2.1.12.GA-patch-01 includes JBPAPP-7267
Add missing ) to PasswordToolTestCase.java
JBPAPP-6875 Upgrade JBoss Messaging to 1.4.8.SP3
Change version.name back to EAP in build.properties
Merge changes made to patches in 5.1.2 ER1 tag (rev. r112227, r112229, r112233)
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JBPAPP-7290 -- PasswordToolTestCase -- using absolute path in startPasswordTool method
removing common-core dependency
Fix jbossas-5-ewp.patch, previously being rejected
removing jboss-common-core dependency
ContainerCache should clean up containers on undeploy - Backport https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBAOP-807 to EAP 5.1.0
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-scm] copy for tag 1.1.4.Final
  1. /projects/cluster/ha-client/tags/1.1.4.Final
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.1.4.Final
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Rollback last commit.
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Prepare for 1.1.4.Final release

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Add system property to optionally disable tx stickiness.
Create JBPAPP-7124 patch branch from JBoss-AOP_2_1_6_GA_CP01 tag
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JBPAPP-7211 Fix for JBossWebRealm.hasRole throwing a NullPointerException
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JBPAPP-7211 create one off patch branch
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[JBPAPP-7128] adding testcase
[JBPAPP-7180] adding testcase for JBPAPP-7128
[JBPAPP-7180] merging fix to SimpleJavaEEModuleInformer
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