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[SECURITY-735] Additional use of the quoted role distinguished name for where a recursive search is performed.
One off back port for EAP 5.1.2, JBPAPP-10717
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[SECURITY-733] Ensure access to the wrapped valve so any Lifecycle implementation is accessible.
[JBPAPP-10705] reverting and moving to JBPAPP_5
[JBPAPP-10705] testcase to prevent regression in the future
[JBPAPP-10705] testcase to prevent regression in the future
JBPAPP-10712: ignore output directory

JBPAPP-10712: set pom versions to 5.3.0-SNAPSHOT

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JBPAPP-10712: Maintenance branch for EAP 5.x releases

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[JBPAPP-10702] added stack traces in trace logging from connector Request to pinpoint its improper use
[JBPAPP-10702] added CoyoteAdapter.service() start/finish logging
[JBPAPP-10702] additional debug logging commit
[JBPAPP-10702] committing intermediary debug addtions
JBPAPP-10702: Application of CVE-4858.
JBPAPP-10702: Application of CVE-2526.
JBPAPP-10702: Application of CVE-1184.
JBPAPP-10702: Added patch files already applied.
Source basis for JBPAPP-10702.
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Create patch branch for JBPAPP-10702.
  1. /branches/JBPAPP_4_3_0_GA_CP10_JBPAPP-10702
[JBPAPP-10700] fix NPE when cancelling timer within same tx
[JBPAPP-10700] introduced a ScheduledExecutorService for handling the timeout callbacks
[JBPAPP-10700] one off patch branch
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JBPAPP-10699: Partial Backport of JBPAPP-5292 for XA-Recovery credentials
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Add adapter check for last modified.

Fix for AS7.

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JBPAPP-10647 update jbossweb with one-off patch version
Fix for JBPAPP-10593 MetricsUnitTestCase intermittent failure
JPBAPP-10664: Addition of the 4470 FATAL error for the DB2 ExceptionSorter
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