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[JBPAPP-511] Temporarily switch to JBC 1.4.1.SP8.patch02 to test the updated JBCACHE-1246 fix
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JBossAS 5.0.0.Beta3 tag
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prepare to move the Beta3 tag
don't just set null when we didn't recognize metaType
JBAS-4671 making the ds templates pass
JBAS-4671 missed addition
JBAS-4671 hacks
[EJBTHREE-1167] Moved @Clustered from ha-client, removed dependency on LoadBalancePolicy
[EJBTHREE-1167] Removed @Clustered (SVN Plugin didn't properly 'svn cp')
[EJBTHREE-1167] Moved @Clustered into EJB3 External API, Removed dependency on LoadBalancePolicy
Add a test for competing rollbacks
mavenized projects/ejb/core. Replace jboss-ejb3.jar with jboss-ejb3-core.jar in the AS
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Add a dir for various Bela's session stress test code
Add a dir for various errata
[JBAS-5095] - Port IMCP duplicate check from 4.2.
Better error message
[JBAS-5095] - Avoid duplicate connections getting into the pool due to buggy connection managers. Log a warning when it happens.
[JBAS-5084] - Add a lock for the session to avoid racing between jms activity and asynchronous rollback
[JBAS-5080] - Add stress tests for JDBC and JMS activity competing with asynchronous rollback
revert scout, juddi version changes
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Rollback: Install jboss-juddi-2.0.0.RC5
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SECURITY-100: threadsafe JBossAuthzMgr
remove unused method
[JBAOP-489] Bug fixed.
Recursive managed deployment check.
Updating scripts for working on directories with the character ' ' in their names.
JBossAS 5.0.0.Beta3 tag
translation completed with one fuzzy to be clared
removed System.out.println
JBAS-4671 represent xa-connection-properties as a Map<String, String> in management interface