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Ignoring git repo (from svn) and ignoring svn repo from git

pr in progress
[EJBTHREE-1026] Don't run forever

Change build-thirdparty.xml to use hibernate 3.2.4 SP01_CP03

The status servlet was mapped twice. Fix JBPAPP-544

remove the extra tests
SECURITY-167: Obligation encode method changes
SECURITY-165: use getValues of Attribute
SECURITY-166: getValues method
correct the attribute val
correct the attribute id
JBPAPP-626 Reinstate testing the SSLv2Hello protocol. Document that it's not supported by IBM
ignore failing tests for now
update the config file with policies
make additional checks for null
EJBTHREE-1250: remove the security manager lookup in the rolebasedauthz interceptor factory
SECURITY-162: go easy on the resource id requirement
add a check for null
Merged Seam XSL customization layer with JBoss.org style so that all projects can benefit. Merged features include: rendering of authors, editors, and others in the authorgroup. Different placement of titles around examples, figures etc. Non-graphic callout settings. New PDF title page and settings to prevent blank pages. Monospaced programlisting font and custom TOC with bold chapter titles. TOC section depth of 2 to match the HTML. In addition the authorgroup, PRE.JSP and PRE.XHTML CSS configuration was moved to JBoss.org CSS.
The status servlet was mapped twice.

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modified the constructor to accept URLs

Fix how we do non-annotations metadata check.
JBAS-4875, Upgrade jboss transactions to 4.2.3.SP7 (from 4.2.3.SP6)

Essentially same code but correctly tagged this time.

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[JBMICROCONT-280] moving defaults to AbstractKernelDeployment.
License headers and versions
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License headers and versions
License headers
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[JBMICROCONT-279] ignoring annotations marked with InstanceAnnotation.

TODO on tests, putting previous behavior back is uncommenting single line - see AOPConstructorJoinpoint.

Using JBoss-MDR snapshot.

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