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[EJBTHREE-1414] Added proper schema definitions to EJB3 TestSuite persistence.xml descriptors
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Handle wrong target w/ member's declaring class.
JBAS-5556: aspects security to be at 1.0.0.Beta2
Added check for deployment exceptions
persistence.xml must define a namespace
Remote interface must not be in @Remote declaration
EJBTHREE-1253: fixed regression
Banned jboss:jboss-remoting
Refactored out an abstract ejb3 test case
JBAS-5351, Upgrade jboss-common-core to 2.2.7.GA
[JBDEPLOY-47]; passing systemId to xml parser deployers.
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A simple optimization for removal of AdvisorBindings.

Exclude Object scan.
Show full jndi name on which is bound

A simple optimization for removal of AdvisorBindings.

Serializable work
JBAS-4355, avoid putting in the full library path on windows
Add assert checks.
one more file
Implement hashCode()
proofreading in progress
half way through the conversion of Web Services Programmers Guide

Remove the persistence to org.jboss.metadata.jpa.spec.PersistenceMetaData since the jaxb namespace on PersistenceMetaData will not match an emtpy namespace.
adding imates for Web Services Programmers Guide

proofreading in progress
few files
conversion of *.doc to docbook xml for Transactions_JTA_Programmers_Guide is now completed

translation completed 100%
translation completed 100%
JBVFS-11 case sensitive path checking