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[WFLY-10906]:Fix publicCredential and privateCredential are lost in converted SecurityIndentity

Merge pull request #11569 from jpkrohling/WFLY-10904-Reduce-MP-OT-verbosity

WFLY-10904 Reduce MicroProfile OpenTracing log verbosity

Merge pull request #11539 from hkalina/WFLY-10882

[WFLY-10882] Docs: provider-name and algoríthm into key-store-ssl-certificate in Elytron client XML

Merge pull request #11549 from ehsavoie/WFLY-10873

[WFLY-10873]: Duplicated httpcomponent jars

Merge pull request #11551 from fjuma/WFLY-10896

[WFLY-10896] Upgrade Mojarra to 2.3.5.SP2 and add tests that verify the bug fix in this component upgrade

Merge pull request #11554 from yersan/bugs/WFLY-10898

[WFLY-10898] Opentracing extension does not follow xxx-smallrye pattern naming

Merge pull request #11571 from n1hility/master

Bump docs to version 14

Bump docs to version 14

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WFLY-10736 Increase retry intervals for startup cache operations up to lock acquisition timeout.

WFLY-10870 - Agroal drivers use capabilities

[WFLY-10438] Create a domain testsuite test for a missing host-exclude

[WFLY-10911] Failing OnOffOpenTracingTestCase when -Dnode0 is defined to non-localhost address

Merge pull request #11565 from jimma/WFLY-10906

[WFLY-10906]:Fix roleMapper is lost in SecurityIndentity

Merge pull request #11555 from rsvoboda/mpHealthTCK

[WFLY-10899] MP Health TCK

Merge pull request #11556 from jpkrohling/WFLY-10877-Use-non-shadow-version-of-Jaeger

WFLY-10877 Use non-shadow version of Jaeger

WFLY-10869 - Cleanup AgroalSubsystemOperations

WFLY-10868 - i18n of exception messages in DataSourceDefinitionProcessor

WFLY-10867 - Don't allow expressions in Agroal driver attributes

Merge pull request #11557 from adamecp/WFLY-9955

[WFLY-9955] Compatibility problem: allow a timeout value of "0" to be set

Merge pull request #11558 from darranl/WFLY-10903

[WFLY-10903] Updated documentation for LDAP outbound connections.

Merge pull request #11560 from pferraro/clustering

WFLY-10907 ServiceRegistry lookup of legacy SingletonServiceBuilderFactory throws UnsupportedOperationException

Merge pull request #11559 from darranl/WFLY-10905

[WFLY-10905] Adjust section identifiers to eliminate warnings whilst building the documentation.

Merge pull request #11562 from gsmet/WFLY-10908

[WFLY-10908] Upgrade Hibernate Validator to 6.0.13.Final

[WFLY-10861] Tests for MP Health return codes when security enbled

[WFLY-10898] Rename opentracing xml namespace to opentracing-smallrye

[WFLY-10898] Rename opentracing subsystem to opentracing-smallrye

[WFLY-10906]:Fix roleMapper is lost in SecurityIndentity

[WFLY-10898] Rename opentracing extension to opentracing-smallrye

Added new dependencies to licenses.xml

Signed-off-by: Juraci Paixão Kröhling <juraci@kroehling.de>

WFLY-10904 Reduce MicroProfile OpenTracing log verbosity

Signed-off-by: Juraci Paixão Kröhling <juraci@kroehling.de>