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[WFLY-490] Make JMX aware that the audit log resources were moved to /core-service=management/access=audit

[WFLY-1879] Better exception handling when File.listFiles() fails

[WFLY-490] Scoped roles

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[WFLY-1337] JMS Destination definitions

simplify code

[WFLY-1287] Provide JMS Default ConnectionFactory

* use java:jboss/DefaultJMSConnectionFactory binding to provide the default JMS

connection factory to deployments

* simplify the destination injection

Fix conflicts

Add default JSF versions to each profile.

[WFLY-456] Second attempt at being able to remove an audit-log handler reference when booted with enabled=false

[JBWS-3679]:Fix the typo

[WFLY-405] some cleanup and i18n

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[WFLY-405] move PatchingResult to tools package

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[WFLY-405] BasicOneOffPatchingScenariosTestCase - added attempt to apply invalid one off patch

[JBWS-3679]:@WebServiceRef injection of co-located client with no specified wsdlLocation is not working

Obtain a lock while iterating over the synchronized set

[WFLY-1875 Merge redhat init script]

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[WFLY-490] Fix thread safety issue

[WFLY-490] Remove child type description if r-r-d access-control=trim-descriptions

WFLY-1871 Add resourceDelimiter argument to CLI module command

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JBEE-135 - update SAAJ API and JAXWS APIs with updates to handle security manager

[WFLY-490] Get rid of the attributes parameter, and make access-control an enum for more control over the output

WFLY-1771 module add in cli using module-xml option fails when file is located in different folder or when drive letter is specified

[WFLY-405] check patching history in tests

[WFLY-405] little fixes; modules should always contain '.' as resource path

WFLY-1868 : Removing hard coded string for the case these strings might be translated on a non en_US locale.

[WFLY-405] runtime module path tests

[WFLY-405] resolve conflict

[WFLY-405] test updating jboss-module.jar; ignore some assertions to make the tests work on windows

WFLY-981 : Adding test to be able to close the bug. @RunAs and @RunAsPrincipal are taken into account on a @Startup @Singleton.

Next is 8.0.0.Beta1

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