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Add externalizer for TimeUnit.

Consolidate tests for enum externalizers.

Tidy generics usage.

Use shared InstantExternalizer instance.

Leverage ValueExternalizer base implementation.

Marshal byte array size using IndexExternalizer.VARIABLE

IndexExternalizerTestCase should validate that IndexExternalizer.select(...) always chooses the most optimal externalizer implementation for a given power of 2.

WFLY-9544 Reduce memory footprint of wildfly-clustering-marshalling-spi by reducing object allocations for common clustering externalizers. Enumerate common externalizer instances, instead of loading new instances per cache container and per deployment. Drop separate class definitions for externalizer classes with just a constructor.

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[WFLY-8380] Xerces usage tests fail with security manager on IBM JDK

Issue: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-8380

Remove hard resource adapter depedency between EJB and JCA, relocate it to messge driven beans (the only user).

Merge pull request #10633 from ctomc/testsuite-diet

WFLY-9325 - improve execution time of mixed-domain testsuite

Leverage @MetaInfServices

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WFLY-9548 Deprecate NodeFactory in wildfly-clustering-api. Move interface to wildfly-clustering-spi. Let Group implementations implement NodeFactory.

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add client guide to index

WFLY-9537 Fix missed timeouts between overlap time during switch summer->winter DST

WFLY-8656: External bean archives - support all bean discovery modes.

WFLY-9541 Logic added by WFLY-9497 should only apply to abstract superclasses.

WFLY-9540 Add session operations and details to the Undertow subsystem

[WFLY-5759]:Local web-app.xsd can't be loaded to validate web.xml

Merge pull request #10539 from rpelisse/WFLY-9388

WFLY-9388 - There should be replaced stacktrace loggings to stderr with usage of logging

Merge pull request #10630 from stuartwdouglas/sci-enhancements

WFLY-9081 WFLY-7089 ServletContainerInitializer enhanclements to bring our behaviour in line with other containers

Merge pull request #10634 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-5537

WFLY-5537 Singleton EJBs with multiple views does not honor Lock sema…

Merge pull request #10635 from ctomc/proper-deps

WFLY-3854 - use latest mockito

Merge pull request #10643 from mkouba/WFLY-9488

WFLY-9488: Do not overwrite existing services for additional BDAs.

Merge pull request #10645 from dmlloyd/wfly-9533

[WFLY-9533] Add an extra.server.jvm.args property

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WFLY-6634 Add remote-cache-container/remote-cache configuration to Infinispan subsystem WFLY-6634 Incorporate feedback for remote-cache-container support WFLY-6634 Rework connection pool configuration into strategy="FIFO|LIFO" WFLY-6634 Drop "force-return-values" as a per cache container configuration WFLY-6634 Don't keep ConfigurationBuilder instances WFLY-6634 Expose switchToCluster() mechanism methods WFLY-6634 Introduce support for hotrod failover clusters WFLY-6634 Merge separate thread pool resource into ThreadPoolResourceDefinition#CLIENT; remove unnecessary model checks in the writer; other cleanup WFLY-9613 Reduce lambda usage (clustering - remote cache) Get rid of couple of compiler warnings

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Merge pull request #10638 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-9534

WFLY-9534 Remove some unused code from the EJB subsystem

Merge pull request #10636 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-6167

WFLY-6167 Remove pre-built, external jandex indices

Merge pull request #10632 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-9522

WFLY-9522 Add options to control Undertow file caching

Merge pull request #10619 from rhusar/WFLY-9508

WFLY-9508 Drop mod_cluster transformers tests for model versions prior to EAP 6.4