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WFCORE-803 WFCORE-912 register capabilities on resources

Merge pull request #7935 from asoldano/wsse-tests

Tentatively re-enable WS-Security tests that were previously disabled…

[WFLY-4308] Switch to a delegating ISecurityManagement implementation.

[WFLY-5085][WFLY-5088] migrate generic messaging transport

If the (legacy) generic acceptor or connector are using the default

HornetQ-based Netty factory classes, migrate them to use instead the

Artemis-based classes.

Also fix the persistence of the generic connector resources (that must

marshall their socket-binding as a XML attribute).

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-5085

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-5088

Merge surefire executions and few minor improvements

WFLY-5078 update to rename the hornetq-store attributes

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[WFLY-5105] Migrate discovery-group attribute in cluster-connection

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-5105

WFLY-2137 Fix circular dependency between security subsystem, jacorb and the transaction subsystem when JTS is enabled

Add missing check for root element name at EJBBoundDeliveryActiveMetaDataParser

[WFLY-5151] Add MDB delivery group support to ejb In detail: - add mdb-delivery-group resource to ejb3 subsystem - add support to delivery-group dependency on jboss-ejb3.xml (with a new delivery-active xsd, version 1.1) - the attribute "active" of mdb-delivery-group indicates if delivery is active for the group - the presence of the delivery-group in the server is mandatory for deployments using delivery-groups - add logging messages to show whenever MDB delivery is activated or stopped -

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Merge pull request #7945 from stuartwdouglas/cmc-fix2

CMC timer interceptor fix

Merge pull request #7943 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-5113

WFLY-5113 NoClassDefFoundError in web migrate op

Merge pull request #7927 from rhusar/WFLY-4786_httpclient_testsuite

WFLY-4786 Clustering integration tests fails once -Dnode0 and -Dnode1 are used

CMC timer interceptor fix

Merge pull request #7916 from mkouba/weld-2-2-15Final

Upgrade Weld to 2.2.15.Final

Merge pull request #7940 from codylerum/patch-1

WFLY-4969 Update JSF based on Mojarra 2.2.12

Make ReliableServiceTestCase a bit more robust (cope with repeated sequence acknowledgements and always run the 2 test operations in the same order)

Cleaning up the pom.xml a bit

Merge pull request #7944 from Sanne/WFLY-5116

WFLY-5116 Removal of the ANTLR version 3.4 module

Build Against WildFly Core 2.0.0.Beta3-SNAPSHOT

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream' into elytron_integration

[WFLY-5117] Update all configs to version 5 of the management schema.

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WFLY-5116 Removal of the ANTLR version 3.4 module

WFLY-5113 NoClassDefFoundError in web migrate op

Next is 9.0.2.Final

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WFLY-5025 use the request controller to perform graceful shutdown for handlers

Merge pull request #7932 from scottmarlow/jpaversionbump

WFLY-5106 bump EclipseLink version to 2.6.0 and OpenJPA to 2.4.0

Merge pull request #7941 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-5025

WFLY-5022 Disable proactive auth by default

Merge pull request #7934 from pferraro/singleton

WFLY-5108 SingletonService can start multiple master nodes if election policies are not identical

Merge pull request #7937 from stuartwdouglas/websocket-graceful

Websocket graceful shutdown support