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deprecation AttributeDefinition.validateResolvedOperation

deprecation OperationContext.Type

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jjtree-javacc get rid of duplicate interim classes

separate the proxy controllers from the actual protocol handling

AS7-3814 CommandContext.buildRequest(line) throws OperationFormatException for wrong reason, AS7-3815 add a convenience CommandContext.connectController() method w/o arguments

[AS7-3806] Follow Jesper's suggestions

Fix test since standalone-minimalistic.xml is no longer generated

AS7-3745 Update to classfilewriter 1.0.1

[AS7-3806] Make ParseAndMarshalModelsTestCase and StandardCongfigsValidationUnitTestCase read configs from the build/target/generated-configs dir

[AS7-3806] Bring standalone-full-ha.xml in sync with standalone-full.xml

AS7-3423 persistence providers deployed with applications should be available via javax.persistence.Persistence (Seam 2.x needs this to work)

[JBWS-3438] customize de/serialization process of VirtualFileAdaptor

[JBWS-3437] always keep reference to application classloader

remove ASIL dependency on JBossWS CXF client

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Next is 7.1.1.Final

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Set perms correctly on all user props files

Update Docs to add Release notes

Restore working example

Prepare 7.1.0.Final "Thunder"

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Add vault support to sever secrets

In theory

Modify example slave to use authentication since it is the default.

Speed up cluster tests

AS7-3654 Handling of slot attribute is not done correctly; since we cannot change xsd at this point I've supported it in module attribute as module=<module-name>:<slot>


Increase timeout

AS7-3775 Capture sys props passed to HC's JVM for use by servers

AS7-3774 Fix ignored-resource handling

AS7-3761 Change SFSB serialization to use ModularClassResolver

Use specific creators.