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[WFLY-6143] Additional test cases

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WFLY-12352 Distributable SFSB creation unnecessarily checks passivation store

WFLY-12351 Upgrade Weld core to 3.1.2.Final and Weld API to 3.1.SP1.

Remove duplicate org.jboss.arquillian.junit:arquillian-junit-container artifact.

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Enable near-cache for hotrod session manager tests.

WFLY-12350 Upgrade Infinispan to 9.4.16.Final

Remove workarounds for ISPN-10248.

[WFLY-12219] Disabling SSL failing tests for now on JDK14+

WFLY-12144 Update documentation

[WFLY-12346] Adding test to add Elytron jdbc-realm in admin only mode

[WFLY-12301] Ensure that EJBComponentDescription#setSecurityRequired only gets called if security is actually required to avoid resetting the value when there are multiple views

WFLY-12344 SecurityManager push/pull is expensive also for datasources

[WFLY-12279] introducing ee concurrent resource capabilities

Merge pull request #12463 from wolfc/WFLY-12338

WFLY-12338: enabled JBoss Enterprise Maven Repository

Merge pull request #12457 from pferraro/clustering

WFLY-12333 Skip redundant put operations when distributable web sessions use local, non-persistent cache configuration

Merge pull request #12456 from pferraro/ejb

WFLY-12331 Skip redundant put operations when distributable SFSBs use local, non-persistent cache configuration

Merge pull request #12397 from ehsavoie/WFLY-12252

[WFLY-12252]: Add metric type flags on messaging subsytem metrics.

Merge pull request #12320 from tmiyargi/WFLY-12101

[WFLY-12101] Test for EJBCLIENT-335, display host:port on connecting to server error

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Merge pull request #12298 from pferraro/jdbc-store

WFLY-12072 Allow setting create-on-start / drop-on-exit on Infinispan JDBC tables

WFLY-12340 SimpleSecurityManager uses AccessController.doPrivileged even if the SM is not checking

Specify metric type per metric.

WFLY-12339: upgrade PicketLink to 2.5.5.SP12-redhat-00006 to fix CVE-2019-3872 and CVE-2019-3873

WFLY-12338: enabled JBoss Enterprise Maven Repository

Encapsulate remote cache creation in a service.

Don't assume a specific RemoteCache implementation.

WFLY-12265 Warning when singleton EJB implements SessionBean interface

WFLY-12165 Expose management metrics and runtime operations for HotRod cache managers and caches

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Expose RemoteCacheManagerMXBean from RemoteCacheContainer.

RemoteCache decorator that registers on start() and closes registration on stop().

Merge pull request #12454 from chengfang/WFLY-12323-WFTC-1.1.6

WFLY-12323 Upgrade wildfly-transaction-client from 1.1.5.Final to 1.1…