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Use JDK tools.jar matching source version (1.7 for AS8).

Fix up the management server

Load CDI Extensions from jsf-impl if using Mojarra 2.2+

Fix version value for core-model tests for 7.2.0.Final, to work in IDEs

Upgrade undertow and xnio

Retain version string in filename of jboss-seam-int

This is just to make it consistent with all the other module jars

fix web deployment classloader issue

Pass the builder's (optional) classloader to the LocalInstanceManager to find the

class using the ClassLoader in newInstance(String className).

Otherwise, if an AS7 service deploys a web app, it will fail with a

ClassNotFoundException since the jboss-web module will not be able to

find the class from the service's module.

Manually load Mojarra 2.2 CDI Extensions

Redirect error messages in $JBOSS_CONSOLE_LOG

Change the order to redirect error messages in ```$JBOSS_CONSOLE_LOG```

Undertow 1.0.0.Alpha9 + Initial websocket support

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AS7-6821 Extension-List entries should be visible to other deployments based on EE class loading rules

Implement ClassIntrospector correctly

Undertow 1.0.0.Alpha6

Fix default permission of distributed tmp/auth directory.

Remove SNAPSHOT reference in assembly.xml namespace declaration and use official schemaLocation.

Remove release specific version qualifiers from README

AS7-6846 BZ-949127 Expose module loading information via the management API

Fix filter adding

AS7-6845 disable pipe and output redirection parsing in aesh for the cli

Fix JSF with undertow

Revert module fix

AS7-6029 AS7-6030 Add support for remote EJB tx recovery

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AS7-6843 Fix global modules and add test case

Add configuration that uses jbossweb instead of undertow

AS7-6835 add persistence unit jboss.entity.manager.jndi.name extension to bind EntityManager to jndi

[AS7-4083] Added channel metrics.

[AS7-6840] HornetQ backup can not failover after failback

Make sure that when HornetQ backup server fails back, the activation

service becomes PASSIVE (unless AS7 is shutting down) so that it can

becomes ACTIVE again when the hornetq server failed over again instead

of trying to install again the activation service

Upgrade to jbossws-common-2.2.0.Alpha1 and jbossws-spi-2.2.0.Alpha1

[JBWS-3524]:Resolve system property references in jboss-webservices.xml

[WFLY-206] JMS access over HTTP

* bump messaging subsystem XML schema to urn:jboss:domain:messaging:1.4

* bump messaging management version to 2.0.0

* add servlet-connector resource to hornetq-server to define a connector

that will connect to the HornetQ server over HTTP by tunneling through

a Servlet

* add to the messaging subsystem XML config a servlet-connector and a

JMS ConnectionFactory that uses it.

* add an optional dependency to the org.jboss.as.web-common module to be able

to deploy the servlet from the org.jboss.as.messaging module

* add test JMSClientTestCase#testJMSOverHTTPWithServlet()

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