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generate configuration files suitable for use inside the amazon EC2 compute cloud disable mcast for NAKACK protocol for more efficient processing; see http://sourceforge.net/p/javagroups/mailman/message/31243991/ add validation tests for the ec2 config files

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Purge unnecessary dependencies.

[WFLY-1578] Update jboss-logmanager

WFLY-1808. Update transaction API 1.2 to 1.0.0.Beta1

Drop deprecated FlowControl.ignore_synchronous_response property from JGroups protocol defaults.

[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1804] Ensure the Subject of the current remote user is associated with the AccessControlContext for JMX requests.

[WFLY-405] NonStandardSituationsTestCase

s/jboss-as/Wildfly/ for prog name

[WFLY-405] allow the property cleanup.tmp to choose whether temporary files should be deleted after each test

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Rename PROG variable to JBOSS_PROG_NAME:

As PROG is a pretty generic name, and as it can now be overriden from outside

the script, it seems appropriate to prefix it with JBOSS_, like the other overrideable

names in the script, but also append _NAME to make the variable name more meaningful

Make 'prog' overridable

The prog name for jboss is 'hard coded' to be 'jboss-as', however when integrating JBoss on its system

one my prefer to use a custom script and override the name (to name 'jboss-eap' for instance or use

the name of the application, when it is only running one application). The variable 'prog' has been

therefore renamed PROG and has become overridable, like the other JBOSS_...

WFLY-1791 : Adding test to close the bug "Unable to use Filter Expressions in filter-spec"

WFLY-1793 - allow inheritance of systemPropertyVariables in submodules

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WFLY-1792 - fix passing parameters with spaces

Make -DskipTests work for testsuite/compat

[WFLY-490] Update the current management model to JMX integration to hide the entire management model representation if access is prevented.

(Previously errors were being reported to the client and remaining functionality of JMX clients such as jconsole was subsequently broken)

Update logging processor dependency version and add new dependency for the annotations which were split out from the processor itself.

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Use string type in schema to properly support expressions

WFLY-1784 upgrade to Javassist 3.18.1-Beta1

WFLY-1753 Component upgrade to Jipijapa 1.0.0.Alpha5 to address management NPE in Hibernate statistics integration code

[WFLY-490] [WFLY-1790] fixed the HostScopedRole* operations

Add JSF project stage automatically in development mode

Add enabled flag to development-mode and allow it to be set via system property in the default config

[WFLY-405] refactored classes, CumulativePatchingScenariosTestCase - new test testApplyOneOffToWrongTargetVersion

assertPatchElements modifications

fixed imports

re-refactor cleanup after tests

WFLY-1769 2 config updates for OpenJDK 8

[WFLY-490] create a fake Caller in some tests

Originally resource file inlined in code extracted to an external file further used

Properly handle undefined scratch directory

Undertow 1.0.0.Beta6

WFLY-1785 WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL not working inside EAR