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AS7-4019 add in-vm and client test cases

Weld 1.1.6

AS7-3858 handle when application sets 'hibernate.cache.region_prefix'

[JBQA-5855] SLSB simple loadbalancing test

[AS7-4269] BindingRegistry failure after unbind()

* add unit test to track down the failure related to unbind/bind

sequence when recreating a Connection Factory

* in AS7BindingRegistry.unbind(), use a countdown latch to ensure

that the binder service is effectively removed when the method


Add explicit versions and dependency declarations for JBoss OSGi dependencies

[AS7-3896] fixing prior incorrectly renamed abstract case (ooops)

[AS7-4192] tweak execution path


Unnecessary archive export removed

WS-Security tests [JBQA-5913]

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AS7-4241 Throw exception if user attempts to add a binding to a non-global namespace

AS7-4240 list() operation does not work on empty java:comp/env context

Maven dependency tree cleanup and change version properties to follow conventions

AS7-4071 - upgrade to Hibernate 4.1.1

[AS7-4090] Fixed up CacheContainerRemove.recoverServices() and CacheRemove.recoverServices(). Added Byteman based rollback test.

adding a delimiter to the jarinfo.txt generated by JDR

AS7-4234 - Remove unnecessary timeout

Revert "AS7-1954 in basic/integration"

This reverts commit 73fbc565dc30315621bd28c1a65828805280be67.

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Revert "Change test structure"

This reverts commit bfe68a464221357f1a22aa07cef18c26c05cff24.



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AS7-3881: HornetQ multicast configuration

* replace jboss.messaging.group.port property to preven a validation


Get rid of call to 'setup'. It was needed once upon a time but no longer

Set allowConnectToRunningServer=false. It is a good reminder when processing pulls to turn off any running servers

[JBQA-6058] migrated updated CleanShutdownTestCase from AS 5 TS

Fix validator to allow expresions on non strings

Start on support for meta commands Add 'deploy' meta command dialog Add verbose mode to show DMR request Create generic help button to display CLI's meata command help text Support full display of multi-line commands. Create ServerGroupChooser component.

[AS7-4211] Make Resolver service publicly available

change description of auto-deploy-exploded to fix a copy-n-paste

[JBQA-5855] descriptor disables clustering

AS7-4230 --silent prompt for password