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WFLY-5398 Invoke SAM again if authenticate() is called

Merge pull request #8183 from pferraro/connector

WFLY-5372 Infinispan's jdbc store creates incorrect service name for datasource dependency

[WFLY-3990] Add better documentation to indicate what the values for the attributes actually do for queuing tasks. Use better defaults for the core-threads and max-threads. Also by default use an unbounded queue.

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Merge pull request #8141 from pferraro/clustering

WFLY-5354 & WFLY-5355 Singleton service fixes

Merge pull request #8163 from fl4via/master

[WFLY-5151] Handle MDB start/stopDelivery management operations prope…

Merge pull request #8179 from stuartwdouglas/websocket-security

Add test for secured websocket endpoints

Merge pull request #8184 from n1hility/wfly-5397

[WFLY-5397] WeldDeployment is returning the wrong BDA for the specified beanClass

Merge pull request #8171 from jmesnil/WFLY-5384_validate_artemis_parameters

[WFLY-5384] Validate Artemis Parameters

Merge pull request #8178 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-5360

WFLY-5360 Web migrate operate cannot handle SSL in domain mode

Merge pull request #8110 from pferraro/singleton

WFLY-5322 Singleton deployments should not attempt to restart a DeploymentUnitPhaseService.

Merge pull request #8181 from jbosstm/WFLY-5387

WFLY-5387 Upgraded to Narayana 5.2.4

Merge pull request #8176 from darranl/WFLY-3659

[WFLY-3659] Enable Digest authentication for web applications backed by JAAS security domains.

Code cleanup.

Drop obsolete comments promising to make custom recordCapabilitiesAndRequirements() methods redundant.

WFLY-5372 Infinispan's jdbc store creates incorrect service name for datasource dependency Modify jdbc cache store resource to reference DataSource via capability reference.

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[WFLY-5518] Fix XTS tests to work with security manager

[WFLY-5416] setting error code if exception is thrown

Capture RuntimeExceptions in dinamic class loading

Since 9.x, if you deploy an war with two (or more wars) with different libraries, deployment crash since it's trying to load classes from one WAR with the classloader from the other WAR. This cross load is intended (see BeanDeploymentArchiveImpl, method isAccesible, line 246, WFLY-4250), but it's waiting for a null load, not a RuntimeException.

With this fix, a warn is registered in log but application can be loaded without major problems.

Classloader mixed between wars

When you are deploying an EAR with libraries and multiple WARs that includes same libraries (for example jsf libraries), the method is returning the first BeanDeploymentArchive that includes the bean name, but not the one that has the bean name AND shares the same classloader.

With this fix you can use BeanManager and CDI.current() again without mixing classloaders.

Add test for secured websocket endpoints

WFLY-5387 Upgraded to Narayana 5.2.4

WFLY-5360 Web migrate operate cannot handle SSL in domain mode

Merge pull request #8155 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-5373

WFLY-5373 Add global max-sessions config

Merge pull request #8177 from bstansberry/upcoreCR4

Upgrade WildFly Core to 2.0.0.CR4

Merge pull request #8164 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-5236

WFLY-5236 migrate true and false

Merge pull request #8158 from pferraro/infinispan

WFLY-5370 NPE during undeploy due to asynchronous cache listeners

Merge pull request #8157 from jtymel/WFLY-5154

WFLY-5154 Fixed occasionally *ModulePermissionsTestCase failures

Merge pull request #8148 from tadamski/master

Update openjdk-orb library to 8.0.5.Beta1 version

Merge pull request #8147 from rhatlapa/ssl-migration-warning-fix

[WFLY-5359] SSL configuration is migrated as part of connector

Merge pull request #8143 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-5349

WFLY-5349 Upgrade RESTEasy to 3.0.13.Final