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WFLY-12006 EJB3 IIOP attributes enable-by-default and use-qualified-name should be required

Merge pull request #12236 from jmesnil/WFLY-12004_upgrade_wildfly_core_9.0.0.Beta3

[WFLY-12004] Upgrade WildFly Core 9.0.0.Beta3

Fix for WFLY-11989, wildfly-dist should generate and deploy an aggregation of galleon feature-pack offliner files

[WFLY-12004] Upgrade WildFly Core 9.0.0.Beta3

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-12004

WFLY-11752 testsuite/integration/elytron uses directly a jboss.dist dir when set instead of its copy in the target dir

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WFLY-12005 Add documentation section for optimizing distributed web application performance

[WFLY-11976] Upgrading WildFly-Naming-Client to 1.0.10.Final This component upgrade brings in the following fix: * [WFNC-54] jboss-naming-client.properties not being used

[JBEAP-16664][WFLY-10808] - test local-receiver-pass-by-value(or said issues)

Merge pull request #12223 from bstansberry/WFLY-11979

[WFLY-11979] Stop using jboss fork of glassfish el impl; move to v3.0.2

Merge pull request #12225 from ochaloup/WFLY-10351-btm-interceptor-cleanup-timeout-issue

[WFLY-10351] BMT interceptor timeout reset adjustment

Merge pull request #12234 from fjuma/WFLY-11969

[WFLY-11969] Upgrade Mojarra to 2.3.9.SP02

Add tests validating immutable session attribute behavior.

Enumerate Undertow's internal immutable session attributes.

WFLY-11854 Distributable session manager cannot detect immutable external classes

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[WFLY-11969] Upgrade Mojarra to 2.3.9.SP02

Merge pull request #12226 from ivassile/WFLY-11985

[WFLY-11985] Upgrade Commons Codec to 1.11

Merge pull request #12227 from ivassile/WFLY-11973

[WFLY-11973] Upgrade IronJacamar from 1.4.15.Final to 1.4.16.Final

Merge pull request #12229 from jstourac/useHttpsWelcomePage

[WFLY-11993] Prefer HTTPS over plain-text HTTP in default welcome-con…

Merge pull request #12230 from tadamski/master

[WFLY-11972] Update openjdk-orb to 8.1.3.Final

Merge pull request #12232 from pferraro/clustering

WFLY-11995 Template for legacy build of infinispan subsystem contains misnamed cache

WFLY-11995 Template for legacy build of infinispan subsystem contains misnamed cache

Fix interrupt handling.

WELD-2577 workaround.

[WFLY-11972] Update openjdk-orb to 8.1.3.Final

[WFLY-11993] Prefer HTTPS over plain-text HTTP in default welcome-content

We probably want to prefer HTTPS over simple HTTP when redirecting users

to external links or resources in our default welcome-content stuff.

Merge pull request #12183 from pferraro/ejb

WFLY-11897, WFLY-11970 Fix memory leaks caused by SFSB expiration failures

Merge pull request #12189 from langfr/16.0.x

WFLY-11801: fixes thread safety issues when adding/removing metric fa…

Merge pull request #12228 from pferraro/clustering

WFLY-11984 ChannelCommandDispatcherFactory does not notify any GroupListener

Merge pull request #12222 from pferraro/web

WFLY-11975 Distributed web session metadata payload contains unnecessary nanosecond precision

Merge pull request #12221 from gaol/WFLY-11974

[WFLY-11974] resource adapter configured as module not finding validation provider