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WFLY-6876 Unessesary allocation in JACCContextIdHandler

Merge pull request #9059 from stuartwdouglas/missing-deb

WFLY-5916 add missing dependency to jackson datatype JDK8

WFLY-5916 add missing dependency to jackson datatype JDK8

[WFLY-6545] Add an attribute to the JSF subsystem to specify whether or not DOCTYPE declarations in JSF deployments should be disallowed

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[WFLY-4872] Add a dependency on org.jboss.threads to the Elytron subsystem module

Merge pull request #9057 from psakar/WFLY-6834

[WFLY-6834] Store license files in repository

[WFLY-6873] Reload the server in WebCERTTestsSecurityDomainSetup tearDown

Merge pull request #9056 from rhusar/WFLY-6871

WFLY-6871 Server fails to boot using locales not using arabic numeral…

[WFLY-6834] Store license files in repository

review licenses fix

Add mixed domain tests of RBAC, catch things like WFCORE-1669

WFLY-6871 Server fails to boot using locales not using arabic numerals for representation of numbers

[WFLY-5774] Remove methods that duplicate the default implementations.

[WFLY-5774] - Adding EXCHANGE scope backed by ServletRequest

Switch to version 1.0.0.Alpha9-SNAPSHOT of the Elytron subsystem.

[WFLY-4872] Adjust the configuration templates to reference http-authentication-factory.

[WFLY-6868]:Remove deprecated and duplicated class AcceptEncodingGZIPInterceptor

Merge pull request #9054 from bstansberry/upcoreCR8

Upgrade WildFly Core to 2.2.0.CR8

Merge pull request #9030 from stoty/WFLY-5739

[WFLY-5739] Subject not populated with groups/roles when authenticated via JASPIC

Merge pull request #8745 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-6215

WFLY-6215 Don't allow afterCompletion callbacks to happen when an inv…

Merge pull request #9053 from jaikiran/fix-infinispan-namespace-writer-locale

Use ENGLISH Locale while writing out the Infinispan subsystem namespace

Merge pull request #9051 from jamezp/WFLY-6792

[WFLY-6792] Don't get the JobOperator service with a lock for read-on…

Merge pull request #9050 from rhusar/WFLY-6852

[10.1] WFLY-6852 Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.3.3.Final

Merge pull request #9048 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-6115

WFLY-6115 CDI requires bean validation extension to work

Merge pull request #9047 from claudio4j/WFLY-6726

WFLY-6726 - Add help text about jboss.undefinded.host for the wsdl-h…

Merge pull request #9045 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-6561

WFLY-6561 EJB Timers Intermittently Execute Repeatedly on Server Restart

Merge pull request #9044 from dereed/WFLY-6838

[WFLY-6838] Set request ID when rejecting RPCs for missing fork channels

Merge pull request #9043 from iweiss/WFLY-6787

[WFLY-6787] WebSockets compression should be allowed by default

Merge pull request #9042 from ctomc/jstl-xml

[10.x] WFLY-6416 update jboss-jstl to 1.1.3.Final

Merge pull request #9039 from asoldano/WFLY-6833

[WFLY-6833] Upgrade to JBossWS 5.1.5.Final

Upgrade WildFly Core to 2.2.0.CR8