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[WFLY-2313] fix for filename too long

[WFLY-2312] Validate web virtual host enable-welcome-root vs default-web-module

[WFLY-2273] Avoid NPE with missing server responses

[WFLY-1188] Add custom-formatter support.

[WFLY-490]/[WFLY-2307] Decouple access-type from access-control metadata

[WFLY-2172] Update mixed-domain configuration

[WFLY-2304] Test that SESSION_DRAINING_STRATEGY gets rejected on AS 7.2.0

[WFLY-215] Clustering tests leave a hanging instance if they are run in opposite order

[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-2270] As only standard roles are now supported the test needs to make use of them instead or arbitrary roles.

[WFLY-405] improve module jar invalidation utils

[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-2270] A minor fix and minor test suite updates now that role mappings must be real roles.

Fix clustering testsuite regression caused by https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly/commit/7b1c8a348e695f4427f23784090897effc81784a The use of FILE_LOCK=NO in H2 causes database file corruption.

[WFLY-2305] Add support for a --silent=true option to add-user.

The real option should be --silent but this is causing some confusion for end users.

[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-2270] Enhance the base-role attribute definition so that it is validated against the current list of standard roles.

Also correct the case if the user supplied case does not match the case of the standard role.

WFLY-308 If a bean exposes both @WebService and @LocalBean view, make sure the EJB security metadata service is installed just once

[WFLY-2304] SESSION_DRAINING_STRATEGY is missing a validator and incorrectly uses setAlternatives()

[WFLY-2303] mod_cluster XSD is missing property and worker-timeout definitions

[WFLY-2301] Remove jbosgi-metadata from system modules

[WFLY-490]/[WFLY-2299] Handle perms for wildcard server-config address

[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-2270] Add an integrity check during the MODEL stage to verify that a duplicate scoped role does not already exist.

Internally host and server group scoped roles must be unique ignoring case.

Also add a check that the scoped role name does not match the standard role name.

[WFLY-1938] mod_cluster subsystem needs transformation to 1.3.0 and 1.4.0

[WFLY-405] a bit simplified and generalized patching artifact tree walking and node handling

[WFLY-490] [WFLY-2274] tests for reading standard/all-role-names

[WFLY-2291] Update messaging XML namespace to 2.0

The XML namespace for the messaging subsystem was erroneously bumped

from 1.3 to 1.4 for WildFly 8.

This is an error as the 1.x version must be reserved for AS7 7.x releases.

WildFly 8 must use a 2.0 namespace.

[JBWS-3719] Prevent NPE

[WFLY-490] [WFLY-2112] Make test robust when server is already in reload-required state

[WFLY-490]/[WFLY-2278] Properly handle RBAC constraints for override models

[WFLY-2172] Only expand versions for tests run, update ee domain config

[WFLY-2279] Explicitely turn on the transformers tests for eap using -Djboss.test.transformers.eap