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[WFLY-10810] Add a dependency on 'org.wildfly.common'.

[WFLY-10810] Add a dependency on 'org.wildfly.common'.

[WFLY-10865] Replace org.wildfly by project.groupId where possible

[WFLY-10860] jdbc-network-timeout value is in seconds

The removed line was a leftover from a previous merge conflict


JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-10860

WFLY-10859 Jastow 2.0.4.Final

[WFLY-10858] Add RBAC ApplicationTypeAccessConstraintDefinition to agroal

As part of this converted the resource definitions to use Parameters in their constructor and then cleaned up a bit how the datasource capability was registered.

Next is 14.0.0.CR1

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Prepare for 14.0.0.Beta2 release

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Merge pull request #11176 from barreiro/WFLY-10328

[WFLY-10328] Agroal subsystem

Merge pull request #11351 from ehsavoie/WFLY-6409

[WFLY-6409]: Update default domain configuration to use http-remoting

Merge pull request #11529 from jmesnil/WFLY-10842_upgrade_wildfly-core_6.0.0.CR1

[WFLY-10842] Upgrade WildFly Core 6.0.0.CR2

[WFLY-10857] Don't register runtime-only agroal attributes and ops on profile resources

WFLY-10856 Hibernate51CompatibilityTransformer#transform should always return null if no class change is made

[WFLY-10844] Fix broken links in Elytron subsystem documentation

Merge pull request #11503 from jmesnil/WFLY-10711_health_check

[WFLY-10711] Support Eclipse MicroProfile Health

Merge pull request #11526 from jpkrohling/WFWIP-108-Add-jboss-api-private-to-internal-modules

[WFWIP-108] Add jboss.api=private to new MP-OpenTracing modules

Merge pull request #11488 from rhusar/WFLY-10440

WFLY-10440 Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.4.0.Final

Merge pull request #11522 from asoldano/WFLY-10480-asoldano

WFLY-10480 ElytronSecurityDomainContextImpl does not propagate authenticated subject - take 2

Merge pull request #11521 from rhusar/WFLY-10839

WFLY-10839 RetryingInvoker fails with millisecond timeouts | WFLY-10840 CacheServiceProviderRegistry interval too large

[WFLY-10842] Upgrade WildFly Core 6.0.0.CR2

JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-10842

[WFWIP-108] Add jboss.api=private to new MP-OpenTracing modules

Signed-off-by: Juraci Paixão Kröhling <juraci@kroehling.de>

Merge pull request #11525 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-9586-2

Restore WFLY-9586 that seems to have been lost in a merge conflict

Restore WFLY-9586 that seems to have been lost in a merge conflict

Merge pull request #11523 from gsmet/WFLY-10830

WFLY-10830 - WFLY-10831 - Upgrade Hibernate ORM to 5.3.5.Final and ByteBuddy to 1.8.17

Merge pull request #11454 from jpkrohling/WFLY-10709-Add-MicroProfile-OpenTracing

[WFLY-10709] Support Eclipse MicroProfile OpenTracing

Merge pull request #11492 from ehsavoie/git_persistence

[Git Configuration]: git backend for loading/storing the configuration XML for wildfly

Merge pull request #11520 from aloubyansky/WFLY-10838

[WFLY-10838] Upgrade to Galleon and WildFly Galleon Plugins 2.0.0.Beta1

Merge pull request #11509 from rhusar/WFLY-10795

WFLY-10795 Non-Elytron SSL configuration won't establish secure channel between worker and balancer

Merge pull request #11515 from hpehl/WFLY-10820

WFLY-10820: Upgrade HAL to 3.0.3.Final

WFLY-10839 RetryingInvoker fails with millisecond timeouts (IllegalArgumentException: nanosecond timeout value out of range)