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[AS7-3669] Associate a realm with the outbound connection to use for authentication.

Bind only remote EJB views to java:jboss/exported namespace

[AS7-4286] Fix JavaCC grammars for version 5.

The JBossQL en EJBQL grammars used for CMP use some tokens with

empty regular expressions. This worked with JavaCC 4 but doesn't

with version 5.

This patch creates a DUMMY lexical state that will never be

reached and puts those tokens inside with a non empty regular

expression (that will never be matched).

Fix messaging subsystem parsing

Passivation test add - idle-timeout

AS7-3738 Errors in resource adapters subsystem checking AS7-3824 Security domain ignored for resource adapters

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[JBQA-5247] Tests for WS ServiceRef from servlet to verify access for <service-ref> in nested war, similar to org.jboss.test.webservice.jbas5614.JBAS5614TestCase from AS6 testsuite

Fix service lookup issue related to services registered on behalf of the system bundle

Fix tests

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[JBQA-5247] Redesigned testcase from AS6 testsuite - org.jboss.test.webservice.ExampleTestCase.

[AS7-3666] Cannot reliably register OSGi service on behalf of another bundle

Align the various standard configs

Update add-users to support application-users.properties Add ability to add roles to the application user

AS7-2907 All composite ops targeting an HC should use the two-stage response format

Initial switch to securing services by default

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Replace original entries as well as exported ones

Change message in other domain.xml profile

[AS7-1908] Fix description reply parameters and extension registration.

AS7-3657 - Export remote messaging assets by default

[AS7-1908] Allow export of JGroups native stack..

Don't try to create IPv6 address for address coming from header ("localhost:9990" was getting converted to "[localhost:9990]")

Add XPC to the passivation test

Remove spurious 'e'

AS7-1752 Try to resolve non-existent relative paths against JBOSS_HOME

Correctly setup a dependency tree in testsuite/compat

[AS7-3658] NPE when starting a hornetQ backup server

AS7-2618, add links to quickstarts page to localhost:8080

[AS7-3075] For the loopback to the local host controller trust the connection.

These processes are tightly related and the AS instance is only connecting to the

HC address that was passed in - if the HC has SSL enabled quietly accept the servers


Remove accidentally committed file

AS7-3458 remove native security realm fails