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[WFLY-245] Fix up XSLT scripts for adding backups.

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[WFLY-405] add layer test case

moved mkdir() method to IoUtils to ensure the directory hierarchy always

exists before writing cumulative and references files

fix class cast error

move each patch element contents in separate directories inside the


fix rolling back a patched layer

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[WFLY-1080] Store and restore the log diagnostic context on local async invocation

Eagerly fail if ARQ service cannot be generated for any reason

WFLY-1451 - fixed JPA 2.1 SynchronizationType.UNSYNCHRONIZED to not be ignored and added test

[WFLY-405] cleanup patch metadata

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[JBWS-3649]:Invoke LifecycleHandler in EndpointService

[JBWS-3643]:Minor update,improve the logging message

WFLY-476 Support for implicit bean archives

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WFLY-1449 Fix NPE in CacheFactoryAdd while adding a cache through EJB3 subsystem

WFLY-1448, for MultipleClientRemoteJndiTestCase and NestedRemoteContextTestCase, replace hardcoded 'localhost' by test.bind.address.

[JBWS-3643]:Fix the contextPath and objectName

WFLY-467 Support @WebServiceRef injection in Weld

This commit enables web service injection into CDI beans,

and also refactors some of the @WebServiceRef code in the

web services subsystem to make this possible.

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[WFLY-1447] Fix jconsole classpath to include org.wildfly.security.manager

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[WFLY-245] Parametrize JNDI name in XSiteSimpleTestCase.

WFLY-1441: Update to console 1.6.1.Final

[WFLY-405] update directory structure layout doc

move modules/bundles patch metadata below the .installation directory.

The system bundle/modules no longer contain any metadata relevant to an


[JBWS-3643]:Change the EndpointRegistry to use MSC's registry

Changes to SimplePersistentResourceDefinition to better support backward compatibility.

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WFLY-1436 Fix JSF version message

Integrate Weld 2.0.1

[WFLY-1437] BZ 968815 Use correct op address for added steps in JGroupsSubsystemRemove

WFLY-203 - add modules for Hibernate versions (3.x, 4.1.x/4.2.x), OpenJPA, EclipseLink which contain the JipiJapa integration jars

[WFLY-1432] Check the configurator class before assuming it's the subsystem configurator.

fix messed up and missing copyright headers

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WFLY-1431 fix small issue in InterceptorLifecycleSFSBTestCase.

Fix some issues cause be previous commits

Undertow Alpha18

WFLY-1349 Hibernate component upgrade to 4.3.0.Beta3 (which addresses some WF8 test failures whichare now reenabled) and fix for previously unknown OSGi JPA test failure)