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WFLY-10666 ApplicationSecurityDomainDefinition.knownApplicationSecurityDomains is not synchronised correctly

[WFCORE-3396] Add documentation for the management operations for certificate authority account management and for obtaining and revoking certificates

[WFLY-10421] Use project enviroment variables for the xsl file used to create the licence html files in the distributions

[WFLY-10421] Remove tab character in dist-legacy/pom.xml

[WFLY-10614] Initial changes adding support for direct references to a security-domain from the application-security-domain resource.

[WFLY-10665] enable xts .net async registration by system property

WFLY-10740 Update Weld core, API, CDI API and implement new method WeldClassFileInfo."

[WFLY-10421] Adjust legacy servlet build distribution to match servlet galleon distribution and add some verifications - Remove the exclusion of product module to include it in the servlet-build distribution - Add verifier plugin configuration to servlet-build and servlet-build-legacy

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WFLY-10663 Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.3.10.Final

[WFLY-10614] Update the test setup script to reference a security-domain instead of a http-authentication-factory.

WFLY-10455 Update JPA documentation, remove references to older ORM versions

Fix spelling of local variable.

Remove obsolete constant.

WFLY-10652 Fix singleton MDBs following singleton service API changes.

Merge pull request #11386 from wildfly/revert-11383-WFLY-10480

Revert "[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity "

Revert "[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity "

Merge pull request #11383 from jimma/WFLY-10480

[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity

Fix for WFLY-10614, CLI tests

Merge pull request #11384 from rhusar/WFLY-10647

WFLY-10647 Custom jgroups classes should be registered eagerly

[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity

WFLY-10647 Custom jgroups classes should be registered eagerly

Merge pull request #11381 from manovotn/wfly10606

WFLY-10606 Remove ee8.preview.mode support for Weld.

Merge pull request #11382 from rsearls/WFLY-10585-BanTransitiveDependencies-galleon-pack

[WFLY-10585] exclude xalan in the cxf-rt-features-logging dependency …

Merge pull request #11359 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-10602

WFLY-10602 Remove ee8.preview.mode support for Undertow

Merge pull request #11361 from gsmet/WFLY-10604

WFLY-10604 Remove Hibernate Validator 5.3 and Bean Validation 1.1

Merge pull request #11370 from jamezp/WFLY-10288

[WFLY-10288] Remove the ee8.preview.mode option for JSON-P and JSON-B

[WFLY-10182] Unstable work of the persistent EJB timers Too many errors in log: ORA-08177: can't serialize access for this transaction

[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity

[WFCORE-3396] Add .well-known handler for Automatic Certificate Management Enviornment (ACME) integration

[WFLY-10585] exclude xalan in the cxf-rt-features-logging dependency declaration

[WFLY-10614] Update the enable-elytron.cli script to no longer depend on the application-http-authentication factory.